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MEMU train services have been launched by Indian Railways for the convenience of passengers. These trains will run in the Delhi-Rohtak-Delhi train division. These MEMU trains will feature three-phase technology. Speaking to the media, Dimpy Garg, Divisional Railways Manager, said, ā€œMEMU train services will be added in train numbers 04453, 04454, 04456, and 04457.” Sixteen coaches of MEMU trains will be added to the Northern Division of Indian Railways.

These MEMU trains were introduced by the Indian Railways to stay up with the fast world and supply stronger travel expertise. MEMU is a symbol for injecting electrical Multiple Units. The electrical Multiple Unit could be used to power a commuter rail system in India’s semi-urban and rural areas. In contrast to EMU (electric multiple unit) trains, which are specifically designed for urban and semi-urban areas.

About the MEMU train

MEMU train area units, on the other hand, are intended for semi-urban and rural areas. MEMU trains also have finish vestibules or gangway connections, which EMU trains do not have. MEMU trains are not like regular trains in that they only require maintenance every 10-15 days.

This helps Indian Railways save money on maintenance while also reducing train delays. MEMU trains have the fundamental advantage of being able to accelerate and decelerate more quickly.

The Integral Coach industrial plant (ICF) has introduced new MEMUs that can travel at speeds of 110-130 kmph (with passengers). This train features a three-phase locomotive that runs on a 25-kilovolt current, saving 35% energy.

It offers GPS-based travelerĀ information systems as well as coach announcements. It is outfitted with sliding doors, gangways, a CCTV camera, and bag racks. The coach has an emergency communication system, and the driver’s compartment has air conditioning.

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