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Karnataka’s state government will launch a cow adoption programme on July 28, according to Prabhu Bhamla Chavan, Minister of Animal Husbandry. This will encourage public and private organisations to adopt goshala cattle.

“Our government is eager to launch the “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana” for the first time in the nation to encourage adoption by public and private organisations for the purpose of nurturing and growing the cattle in cow sheds to maintain the herd,” Chavan said in a statement to the media. Basavaraj Bommai will celebrate his one-year anniversary as chief minister on July 28 with a ceremony.

More than 215 private goshalas in the state, according to him, provide shelter for cattle. According to the Minister, “100 government goshalas are being started gradually, and in all these Goshalas domestic and crossbred cattle, needy, weary, aged, diseased, and abandoned by farmers, male calves, and animals confiscated by court and police custody are being sheltered and fostered.”

Goal of the project

He clarified that the goal of this project is to encourage the general public to protect goshalas and provide additional amenities for the cattle that live there in order to make the goshalas commercially viable. He stated that goshalas will be managed with the help of the general public.

Chavan urged people to adopt cattle through the programme by paying Rs 11,000 per cattle per year at any of the Punyakoti Adoption Portal Goshalas. On special occasions (birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.), he claims that anyone can feed as many cows as they want at any of the Punyakoti Dattu Portal’s cowsheds under the FEED A COW scheme for Rs 70 per day.

Chavan pleaded with the public to adopt the cattle in the state’s public and private cowsheds in order to save the cow population.

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