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Seven vets on duty to treat DM's cow in Fatehpur

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jun 15, 2022 10:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

In an unusual turn of events, the chief veterinary officer's office issued an order assigning day-by-day tasks to seven veterinary physicians for a week to care for a sick cow at the residence of DM Fatehpur.
The directive from June 9 was rescinded the next day. On June 12, however, a copy of the injunction went viral. It was a conspiracy against her, according to DM Apurva Dubey.

Seven veterinary physicians requested to look after mastitis-affected cow

In a letter signed by presiding CVO Dr SK Tiwari, seven veterinary physicians in the district were requested to look after Fatehpur DM's mastitis-affected cow. The vets were instructed to inspect the sick cow twice daily and report to the CVO on a daily basis. The letter further specified that if any of the on-duty veterinarians went on leave, the veterinary doctor assigned to Damapur would fill in, and that "no laxity" would be tolerated. Dubey, on the other hand, claimed in a signed clarification given on Sunday that she had never asked for any services and that the officiating CVO had issued the letter arbitrarily. "If I would have been involved or requested, a copy of the issued letter or order would have been marked to me as per the protocol," she added.

"I have been on leave since May 28 and my deputy Dr SK Tiwari is officiating.I have no information about the letter," CVO (Fatehpur) Dr R D Ahirwar said, after repeated calls to Dr Tewari remained unanswered.

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