HCL Technologies receives National CSR Award for its programme to alleviate urban poverty

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You are currently viewing HCL Technologies receives National CSR Award for its programme to alleviate urban poverty

HCL Technologies, a leading global technology company, has won the prestigious National CSR Award 2020 instituted by the Government of India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

The award recognises the HCL Foundation, HCL Technologies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm, for its groundbreaking work toward equitable and sustainable development of communities living below the poverty line in urban slums.

Foundation’s flagship programme

The Government of India has designated slum development as a national priority. HCL Uday, the foundation’s flagship programme, provides comprehensive assistance to underprivileged people living in urban slums and on the streets, including migrant workers and working children. It enables equitable development of these communities by providing access to education for children, skill development for gainful employment, primary healthcare and sanitation services, clean water sources, and other services. So far, over 560,000 people have benefited from the programme in 11 Indian cities.

“HCL Technologies is deeply committed to serving local communities and contributing to inclusive growth and social development across the geographies we operate in. With an investment of over INR 900 crores to date, the HCL Foundation has created one of the largest CSR footprints in India and impacted over 3.7 million people with multiple interventions across urban and rural areas. We thank the Government of India for this recognition. It is a big source of encouragement for us to double down on our efforts to continue transforming communities and build an equitable and sustainable planet,” said C Vijayakumar, 
CEO & Managing Director, HCL Technologies.

Envisioned as a long-term programme

HCL Uday began as a volunteer-led initiative in 2012 and was formally launched in 2016. It was envisioned as a long-term programme with various interventions and initiatives taking place on the ground. HCL Uday is based on HCL Foundation’s belief in the power of communities to lift themselves out of poverty and live lives of dignity and self-respect. This spirit, which can be found in all of Uday’s interventions, leads the community to resilience and success. Employee engagement and participation at HCL is a critical lever across all programmes. More information is available at https://www.hclfoundation.org/hcl-uday.

“We take pride in the impact our programs have made on the ground. HCL Uday is our effort to provide a life of dignity and self-respect to the urban poor. It’s a privilege that our efforts have got recognized under the category of national priority. This is yet another validation of HCL Foundation’s vision to contribute to national and international development goals. Congratulations to our teams and partners involved with this project,” added Nidhi Pundhir, Vice President & Director, HCL Foundation.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ annual National Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards recognise companies that have positively impacted society through innovative and sustainable CSR initiatives.

The Government of India recognises these awards as the pinnacle of national recognition.

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