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Karnataka is planning to implement the Cauvery 2.0 software in all sub-registrar offices across the state to ensure easy property registration. Karnataka Revenue Minister R Ashoka stated that the new software is already being tested as a pilot project at the sub-office registrar’s in Chincholi, Kalaburagi district, and will be rolled out across the state beginning November 1.

The software is designed to reduce the number of visits to the sub-office registrar’s during the various stages of the property registration process. People will be able to use Cauvery 2.0 to upload property registration documents and pay stamp duty and other applicable fees online.

After this, they can book their appointment at the sub registrar’s office online and visit it to submit biometric details.

Automatically calculate fee to be paid by property buyers

“Once they visit the office, the registration process will be completed within 5-10 minutes,” the Karnataka minister said before adding that Cauvery 2.0 had been equipped with the ability to automatically calculate the fee to be paid by the property buyers based on the property details and the area.

After the successful registration, the property documents will be sent to the Digi-Lockers of the buyers apart from regular updates through their mobile phones.

R Ashoka claimed that the updated software will correct the system’s flaws. He also stated that the state government will soon establish agencies in each taluka to verify the authenticity of property documents. 

The measure is intended to protect home buyers from being duped.

The agencies will also flag legal cases and offer legal assistance to buyers if necessary, as well as lower fees.

R Ashoka, who lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka’s capital, announced that the government will continue to offer a 10% rebate on the guidance value of properties for the next three months. An order will be issued regarding the same. He stated that the rebate has resulted in an increase in property transactions so far, and that the state has collected over Rs 6,7000 crore in stamp duty and other fees. The total amount collected exceeds the target of Rs 5,647 crore.

Karnataka state government aims to collect over Rs 14,000 crore from stand duty and registration in 2022.

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