A Punjabi Pickle seller inspired many women and provided employment in the village

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Kulwant Kaur, the founder of KKNS Products of India, may only be a 10th pass, but the women of Amrala village in Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, know her as a successful Indian woman entrepreneur.
Kulwant Kaur and Jaswinder Singh now run a small processing company called KKNS Products of India. Her family used to farm on their two and a half acres of land.
Kulwant worked from weaving, embroidery and tried her hand at many things other than farming. Kulwant Kaur previously farmed dairy with her husband, Jaswinder Singh, and had 30 buffaloes on their dairy farm.
Kulwant Kaur began her career making raw turmeric pickle about a decade ago. She now produces over 40 different types of products. This business not only allows her to run her home, but it also allows her to employ other women in the village.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Jaswinder Singh read in the newspaper one day that Fatehgarh Sahib Krishi Vigyan Kendra had organised a free training programme on fruit and vegetable management.
He knew Kulwant would be interested, so he invited him to participate as well. Kulwant Kaur used to travel from her village to Krishi Vigyan Kendra every day for the five-day training programme.
On the last day of training, all of the participants competed in making apple jam and raw turmeric pickle. In this competition, Kulwant Kaur took first place.
People liked her “Haldi Ke Achaar,” and she gained confidence after winning this small contest. She felt as if she could do anything now. She was determined not to let her talent go to waste. She began making 
turmeric pickle with very little investment in 2011. She purchased raw turmeric, made a pickle, and set up stalls outside gurudwaras and at PAU fairs.
Many people bought her products at these fairs, and these people gradually began ordering more. She also sells her goods at a nearby market. After a few months, she began making turmeric pickle, as well as turmeric powder and juice. Kulwant Kaur began to receive good orders. She also began gathering information about Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s various training programmes so that she could learn to make more new things. Krishi Vigyan Kendra also taught her how to make soap, phenyl, amla juice, chutney, and shampoo.
Along with this, she also joined the Farmers Club of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU Kisan Club) and did all the free training programs provided here.

Started own Business

Kulwant Kaur met farmer Nirmal Singh during one of Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s training programmes. Nirmal Singh also stated that he wished to establish a processing unit. Kulwant Kaur began her business with
Nirmal Singh and her husband and family.
They purchased processing equipment in Delhi. With this processing machine, they process crops like Amla, Aloe vera easily. She began producing over 40 products after purchasing the machine, including amla juice, aloe vera juice, squash, satras, amla candy, and pickles.
Working outside the village becomes extremely difficult for women, Nirmal Singh. However, Kulwant Kaur’s efforts inspired many women.
KKNS Products is now cultivating various types of turmeric, aloe vera, and various fruits and processing them to produce high-quality products.
She used to make over $50,000 per month. She had also employed a large number of women.
However, the lockdown and the corona pandemic have had a significant impact on their business because the agricultural fairs have been closed. In such a situation, he has opened his own small outlet.
Kulwant Kaur believes that women from all farmer families must find a way to supplement their income. Kulwant Kaur’s son and daughter-in-law assist her with her work as well. They have also set up shop in major cities such as Delhi and Mumbai.
Kulwant Kaur has received numerous awards for his work, including the ‘Sardarni Jagbir Kaur Memorial Award.’
Kulwant Kaur’s inspiring story is an inspiration to all of us, and we hope that more and more women from farmer families will recognise and pursue their talents.

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