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It’s never too late! 85-year-old Gujarat man buys first car after success of his start-up

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jul 19, 2022 7:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

An 85-year-old man from Gujarat demonstrated that age is just a number. After his ayurvedic hair oil business was successful, the elderly man bought his first car at the age of 85. The video of the man worshipping God after buying the car has gone viral on the internet.

The video of the man has received over 18 lakh likes and thousands of comments since it was posted online by Avimee Herbal.

Started ayurvedic hair car company Avimee Herbal

Radha Krishan Choudhary, also known as Nanaji, has been identified as the man (grandfather). According to reports, his daughter experienced significant hair loss. This motivated Nanaji and her wife to seek treatment for her. It took the couple a year to research and discover a cure made of more than 50 herbs.

4 things that help the couple

1. Vision & Mission
Under the title Vision & Mission, Avimee Herbal wrote, “We had a clearly defined mission to help people regrow their hair through use of ayurveda.”

2. Belief
Under the title ‘Belief’, the caption read, “When the going was getting tough and people were publicly calling us a ‘scam’, what kept us going? BELIEF. We knew what we were doing is right and that kept us motivated.”

3. Hard Work
Under the third title ‘Hard Work’, the company wrote, “There is no replacement for hard work. It took me 25 years to become an overnight success.”

4. Teamwork
The last title is ‘Team Work’. “Do not underestimate the power of team work. During the initial days all of my family came together to help me. This would not have been possible without them,” read the caption.

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