15-year-old NRI girl takes up campaign to save Godavari

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Meet Umasri Pujyam, a 15-year-old girl from Memphis, Tennessee, who has taken up a challenging initiative to address the severe environmental problems plaguing the Godavari river section near Razole in the Konaseema region. Motivated by the firsthand impact she witnessed in her birthplace, Umasri embarked on a mission to combat pollution and raise awareness about water contamination.

Organizing River Clean-up Days

In the past two years, Umasri has spearheaded over 100 river clean-up days on the Godavari, mobilizing local volunteers to tackle the pollution issue. Her efforts aim to restore the river’s health and ecosystem by actively involving the community in environmental preservation.

Educating Communities on Proper Waste Disposal

Apart from clean-up initiatives, Umasri is committed to educating residents in the vicinity on responsible garbage disposal practices and ways to minimize their environmental impact. By imparting knowledge and raising awareness, she strives to create a lasting change in the community’s attitudes toward waste management.

Youth Against Water Pollution

Recognizing the need for broader awareness, Umasri founded the “Youth Against Water Pollution” organization. Through various channels such as websites and social media, she spreads information about the detrimental effects of water pollution and encourages others, especially young individuals, to join her cause.

Balancing Education and Activism

Despite her young age and schooling commitments, Umasri dedicates significant time to her mission. During virtual learning periods in 2021, she spent several months in India, actively engaging in fieldwork while managing her studies. Her devotion exemplifies the determination and passion she holds for safeguarding the Godavari River.

Personal Connection and Concerns

Living next to the river in her village of Ponnamanda, Umasri has a deep personal connection to the region. She emphasizes that the contamination has forced the village residents, including her own family, to purchase water. Umasri also expresses concerns about the impact of agricultural practices on the local environment, further motivating her to take action.

Collaboration for Change

Umasri’s dedication goes beyond individual efforts. She collaborates with local officials and politicians, such as Amalapuram MP Chinta Anuradha and Razole MLA Rapaka, to advocate for improved environmental policies and conditions. Through these partnerships, Umasri works towards creating a positive and sustainable impact on the region’s ecology.


Umasri Pujyam’s unwavering commitment to saving the Godavari River serves as an inspiring example of how even a young individual can make a substantial difference. Her river clean-up initiatives, educational outreach, and collaborative approach demonstrate her determination to protect this vital natural resource. With Umasri leading the way, the fight against water pollution gains momentum, fostering hope for a cleaner and healthier Godavari River.

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