CDP-SURAKSHA: A Digital Platform for Subsidies For Farmers

The CDP-SURAKSHA is a groundbreaking digital initiative launched by the Indian government to streamline the subsidy disbursement process for horticulture farmers. As part of the Cluster Development Programme (CDP), this platform aims to promote horticulture crops and enhance the growth of India’s agricultural sector.

What Does “SURAKSHA” Stand For?

The acronym SURAKSHA stands for “System for Unified Resource Allocation, Knowledge, and Secure Horticulture Assistance.” Let’s break down its components:

  • Unified Resource Allocation: The platform ensures efficient allocation of resources, including subsidies, to eligible farmers.
  • Knowledge: It facilitates information exchange and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders.
  • Secure Horticulture Assistance: By leveraging technology, it provides secure and timely assistance to horticulture farmers.


The platform integrates several features to achieve its objectives:

  • Database Integration with PM-KISAN: CDP-SURAKSHA connects with the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) database, ensuring accurate beneficiary identification.
  • Cloud-Based Server Space: The platform utilizes cloud servers provided by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) for seamless data storage and retrieval.
  • UIDAI Validation: Aadhaar-based validation ensures transparency and prevents duplication.
  • e-RUPI Integration: Farmers receive subsidies directly into their bank accounts via e-RUPI vouchers issued by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).
  • Local Government Directory (LGD): The LGD helps in identifying eligible farmers and their locations.
  • Content Management System: It allows efficient management of information related to horticulture schemes.
  • Geotagging and Geo-Fencing: These features enhance precision in tracking and monitoring horticulture activities.

What is e-RUPI?

The CDP-SURAKSHA platform uses e-RUPI vouchers from the NPCI. The voucher is a one-time payment mechanism that can be redeemed without a card, digital payments app or internet banking access, at the merchants accepting e-RUPI. According to the NPCI, the e-RUPI can be shared with the beneficiaries for a specific purpose or activity by organisations or government via SMS or QR code.

How Farmers Benefit from CDP-SURAKSHA

Here’s how the platform benefits horticulture farmers:

  • Instant Subsidy Disbursal: Once a farmer places an order for planting material (seeds, seedlings, or plants), the system calculates their share of the cost. The government subsidy amount is automatically displayed on the screen. After the farmer contributes their share, an e-RUPI voucher is generated.
  • Vendor Interaction: Vendors receive the e-RUPI voucher and provide the required planting material to the farmer.
  • Verification Process: Farmers verify the delivery by submitting geo-tagged photos and videos of their fields.

Impact and Future Prospects

The CDP-SURAKSHA platform has the potential to revolutionize subsidy disbursement in horticulture. By ensuring transparency, efficiency, and direct benefit transfer, it empowers farmers and contributes to India’s agricultural growth.

How is the new system different from the old one?

In the old system, a farmer had to buy planting materials on their own. They would then have to approach the officials concerned for the release of the subsidy.

The CDP-SURAKSHA platform, however, will provide subsidies to farmers upfront, at the time of purchasing the planting material. Vendors, who will supply planting materials to farmers, will receive their payment only after farmers verify the delivery of their orders.

How many farmers and banks have come on board?

While the platform is yet to be unveiled at the national level, around 8,400 farmers’ details have been uploaded on the CDP-SURAKSHA platform so far. These included 8,000 farmers of Sahyadri Farms Private Ltd, which is implementing the grape cluster in Nasik, Maharashtra. The rest of the 400 farmers are from Meghalaya Basin Management Agency (MBMA), which is implementing the turmeric cluster in Meghalaya.

Besides this, four banks — HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India (SBI) and Bank of Baroda — have been onboarded on the platform. These banks will generate e-RUPI vouchers for fund disbursement.

Positive Takeaway

CDP-SURAKSHA represents a significant step toward a digitally empowered and prosperous horticulture sector. As more farmers adopt this platform, we can expect increased productivity, better crop yields, and sustainable agricultural practices.

Remember, the future of Indian horticulture lies in the convergence of technology and agriculture, and CDP-SURAKSHA is leading the way.

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