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According to Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, significant progress has been made in Telangana’s economic, social, and development sectors since the formation of a separate state of Telangana. At his office in BRKR Bhavan, he unveiled the book Telangana History, Culture, Moments, written by Prof. Adapa Satyanarayana and Dr. Dyavanapalli Satyanarayana.

CM K. Chandrashekar Rao has said that in Telangana state every corner has a history, and looking at the historical facts in this book, this is proved once again. “So far Telangana History is said to have started two thousand years ago. But primitive humans have been growing in Telangana territory since 18 lakh centuries ago,” Along with that evolution, the subject matter experts Acharya Adapa Satyanarayana, Dr. Somesh Kumar said that “Dyavanapalli Satyanarayana’s writing of ‘Telangana History, Culture and Moments’ in English is commendable”.

Large amount of literature in the form of books

The event was attended by Telangana Media Academy Chairman Allam Narayana, Sahitya Academy Chairman Juluri Gauri Shankar, Telangana Public Service Commission Ex-Chairman Professor Ghanta Chakrapani, Professor Kishore, and Telangana Publications Secretary Chandra Mohan. On this occasion, CS Somesh Kumar stated that, despite the fact that a large amount of literature in the form of books analysing the history, culture, and social system of this place has been published since the formation of the Telangana state, more literature is needed.

According to the notification for data operator and lab technician jobs in Nims, the government has taken steps to fill more than 90 thousand jobs in the state, and this book will be useful for candidates taking these competitive exams. According to Media Academy Chairman Allam Narayana, there are many movies coming out that distort the history of Telangana, and there is a possibility of more movies coming out in the same category, so it is necessary to come out with such empowering books on the historical, cultural, and social aspects of Telangana.

According to Juluri Gauri Shankar, Chairman of the Sahitya Akademi, historians from various states will use this book as a standard for writing their state’s history. Former Telangana Public Service Commission Chairman Ghanta Chakrapani stated that this book, which tells the history of Telangana in an empowering way, should be sent to all state government officials and made available in tourism stalls across the state. The authors of this book, Adapa Satyanarayana and Dyavanapalli Satyanarayana, spoke on the occasion.

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