Oziva Kisaan Vikaas Program: An Initiative To Help The Farming Community

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India is a land of ‘seven rivers’. Since the very primitive age of humans in the Indian subcontinent, farming has been a significant occupation. Since time immemorial, a majority of people’s lives have been supported by farming. Especially after the Green Revolution in India, farming has been one of the occupations that support the majority of the Indian economy. Around 60 percent of India’s population are farmers. The farmers and their families become one of the most important aspects to be looked after. In contemporary times, the welfare of the farmers and their families has become one of the most important roles of the Indian Government. The Indian Government has come up with several economic and financial policies that aid in providing relief to the farmer’s problems in India. Several NGOs have also come up that aim to look after the welfare of the farming community. One such program is the OZiva Kisaan Vikaas Program which has been established by OZiva, one of India’s leading certified clean and plant-based holistic wellness brands.

The OZiva Kisaan Vikaas Program, where the farming community forms an integral part, aims at empowering the farming community and providing a better livelihood through various initiatives including education to the farmers’ children. “OZiva Kisaan Vikaas program is simply an extension of the enormous gratitude that we feel towards the farming community. Through this program, we will be assaying our part in carving a brighter and more promising future for farmer families of the country by empowering them at various levels. We feel proud and humbled at the same time for having the opportunity to serve and empower our nation’s benefactors,” says Mihir Gadani, Co-founder of OZiva.

Through this program, 4 major aspects of farmers’ lives shall be covered in the next 7 years to enable around 10,000 farmers to self-sustain and build a better future for themselves and their families. This program includes the following:

● SHIKSHA – This supports children’s education for a better future.

● AROGYA – This ensures better health and nutrition for the farmers and their families

● VRIDDHI – This ensures better education to the farmers for better out and access to better practices.

● SAMPOORN – This ensures the creation of an environment that empowers the farmers by providing the key ingredients to the farmers through this brand.

The first phase of this program supported the dreams and education of 100 children from Maharashtra’s farming community. “We strongly believe that we must give back to the farmer community feeds the entire nation and forms an integral part of our plant-based ecosystem”, added Aarti Gill, Co-founder of OZiva. The brand hopes to provide education to the farming community in the coming months along with providing the structure to the other aspects included within this program. This will ensure a better lifestyle for the farming community thereby helping in the development of the country.

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