Kerala govt to Launch E-Taxi Service as an Alternative to Corporate Online Cabs

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The Kerala government is planning to launch its own e-taxi service next month as an alternative to the popular corporate online cab service, which is thought to be the first such initiative by any state government in the country.

The state Labour Department is rolling out an online taxi hiring service called ‘Kerala Savari,’ which connects the state’s existing auto-taxi networks in order to ensure safe and dispute-free travel for the public at affordable rates in the state.

First time govt launching online taxi service in country

Kerala minister for public education and Labour V Sivankutty said, “It this is the first time that a government is launching an online taxi service in the country. This government is moving towards a field dominated by multinational companies with the aim of the welfare of workers.”

“Kerala Savari will charge only 8 percent service charge apart from the fixed rate,” he said.

The minister said, “Kerala Savari app is a very safe system for children and women to use. The app is designed with utmost care in security standards. The app also has a panic button system that can be pressed in case of a car accident or any other type of danger. One can do it privately.”

Project be implemented by Motor Workers Welfare Board

This project will be implemented by the Motor Workers Welfare Board with the cooperation of Planning Board, Legal Metrology, Transport, IT and Police Departments. Indian Telephone Industries, Palakkad a public sector organization, provided technical assistance for the project.

The new service would be launched in a function to be held at Kanakakkunnu Palace here on the beginning day of the Malayalam month of Chingam, which falls on August 17.

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