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If you were someone else, what would you advice yourself to do? Consider that advice and follow it. Imagine you are an objective observer, genuinely looking out for the best interests of someone who happens to be you. What suggestions would you make to yourself? How would you advice yourself to deal with your own unique challenges ? How would you encourage yourself to work towards the fulfillment of your best possibilities? Step back, visualize those things, then step forward and take decisive action. With kindness, with firmness, give yourself a reality check, some gentle nudging, a bit of tough love, a lot of enthusiastic support.

Respect yourself, challenge yourself, be honest and persistent with yourself as if you were someone determined to make you the best you can be. Realize, in fact, that’s exactly what you are, exactly what you can do, exactly how you can be.
Get outside the confines of your emotional attachment to your own experience. Tell yourself soberly and even handedly what you must do, then implement that good advice.
The actions, thoughts and words that become a permanent part of you are the bones you choose to repeat over and over again. Doing something once will certainly bring some kind of result, and doing repeatedly will multiply its power many times over.
You cannot lift a thousand pounds all at once. Yet you can lift one pound a thousand times.
In repetition of your thoughts and actions, there is great power. Choose to make complete and purposeful use of that power. Add immense leverage to what you do by doing it again and again.

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