UNICEF honours Kashmiri RJ for work during the COVID-19 pandemic

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At the annual Radio4Child 2022 Awards in Mumbai, radio jockey Umar Nisar (RJ Umar), who hails from south Kashmir, was given the ’01 Best Content Award’ as well as the Immunization Champion award by UNICEF.

Radio4Child honored radio professionals from across the country for their outstanding work during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as routine vaccination.

Journey to his career

 The importance of routine vaccination among people was emphasized by these radio professionals.
“I was always interested in Radio Jockeying,” Umar Nisar told –
I started my career here in 2014.”
You can pursue this career if you are passionate about working in this field. In my early years, I, too, encountered numerous obstacles. However, one must remain committed to this path and not give up easily.”
“I used to watch movies whenever I could. I used to try to imitate the conversations. Later in life, I realised that this is the right profession for me,” he said.

Best Content Award

‘Umar works as a radio personality for a local FM station in South Kashmir. This honour means a lot to him, and it will help him stay motivated in the future. Umar would like to dedicate the award to the listeners for their love and support, as well as the childhood nurse who vaccinated him.

He received the award for his outstanding efforts in raising awareness and countering rumours to reach audiences during the pandemic. The data provided was game-changing, allowing for effective messaging to combat vaccine apprehension among parents and the general public.

First RJ from jammu and kashmir to get this award

Ricky Kej, OIC UNICEF, UP, a multi-Grammy Award-winning music composer, environmentalist, and UNICEF celebrity supporter, presented the award. Dr. Zafrin Chowdhury, UNICEF India’s director of communications, advocacy, and partnerships; Dr. Sachin Desai, Maharashtra’s State Immunization Officer.

At the event organised by Radio4Child, Ricky Kej also honoured over 80 radio professionals from across India.

The initiative, launched by UNICEF India, aims to engage radio professionals by providing thought-provoking programming on child and maternal health.

RJ Umar is the only journalist from Jammu and Kashmir to receive this honour.

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