India has made significant progress in many areas, but there are still some areas where people are still bound by stereotypes. While India is developing at a much faster rate, with education reaching every nook and cranny of the country, some segments of society continue to promote gender parities, making many lives of people miserable. Transgender or third-gender people constitute a sizable proportion of the Indian population. In many areas, they are still socially mistreated and oppressed. Most of the time, they are turned down by their own family because they are transgender. They face a slew of exasperating setbacks in a developing country like India.

The time has come to acknowledge that this segment of society is the new face of change and that they, too, are contributing to the advancement of the country.
2021 had been an incredible year for many, with many new faces exemplifying themselves to society in various sections. In this article, we have discussed the contributions of a few transgender who have made significant contributions by breaking all the stereotypes to the nation this year.

1. Sruthy Sithara –

Beauty with the brain, Sruthy Sithara had been an example setter this year for many. Captivating the hearts of the world with her charms, Sruthy became the first Indian to win the Ms. Trans Global Universe 2021 title. She has also crowned the Most Eloquent Queen at the pageant. Hailing from Kottayam, Kerala, Sruthy works as the project assistant at Kerala Government’s Transgender Cell.

2. Rakshika Raj –

India’s first transgender nurse, Rakshika Raj’s story is like a nail in a horseshoe. When she came out of her identity confusion, society did not accept her. This cord was strengthened further by knocking on the court’s door and revealing its presence to the world. Though the road was full of thorns to reach the destination, she eventually became India’s first registered transgender nurse and midwife.

3. Manjamma Jogati –

Enduring years of hardship and abuse before discovering her passion for folk dancing, transgender folk dancer Matha B Manjamma Jogati was eventually honored with the Padma Shri award this year for her immense contribution to the arts. After finding her love for dance, she went on to Kallava Jogathi to master the art form of Jogathi Nrithya and began performing around the state. Manjamma moved ahead and became the first transgender president of the Karnataka Jaanapada Academy, a state-run organization dedicated to the performing arts.

4. Sathyasri Sharmila – 

 After overcoming social norms, gender disparities, and a slew of other biases, Sathyasri Sharmila became the first transgender lawyer in India. She entered the government’s judicial system intending to overcome the stereotyped thinking that underpins transgender women’s observance in society and fight the unfairness that they face. This year, the National Transgender Awards were held in New Delhi, to create a more inclusive society where transgender people have equal opportunities and are not discriminated against. Satyasri, India’s first transgender lawyer was one of the recipients of the honor. At the National Transgender Conclave 2021, Satyasri received the Path Breakers Award.

5. Grace Banu – 

From fighting with her family members to proving her importance in society, 30-year-old transgender activist Grace Banu has endured a path full of thorns. Her contributions to the betterment of society earned her the first-ever ‘Best Third Gender’ award from the Tamil Nadu government this year. Grace Banu played a crucial role in the passing of the court order that allows transgenders in the TNPSC recruitment examination. She has also been a significant voice in fighting for trans rights as well as other issues affecting civilians.

These transgenders are not only an inspiration to their kind of people but also the world. They have made a name for themselves by defying all societal stereotypes. God created everyone equally; therefore, who are we to construct a bridge of gender parities between us? Gender equality is a parasite that will consume and rot every symbol of humanity and good deeds from the earth, which was once God’s paradise. Let us come together to make the world a better place for those who are born with a difference.

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