MADHAV Programme News Highlights:

  • Programme MADHAV is developed by a 12 year boy Avi Sharma from Indore .
  • MADHAV full form is My Advance Domestic Handling AI Version.
  • No more voice device is needed to give voice command to computer.

 If you have the courage and desire to do something, you will undoubtedly succeed. Avi Sharma of Indore is in a similar situation. Whose abilities are not enthralled by his age? At an early age, Avi has done that which is tough for elders. That is why he is known as Madhya Pradesh’s Wonder Boy (Indore Wonder Boy Avi Sharma). Avi Sharma has created a voice command programme known as ‘MADHAV’ (My Advance Domestic Handling AI Version).

The moment made him develop this unique app?

Alexa is the current system in computer-based assistant technology around the world for giving commands to work on a computer through an expensive machine (voice command device alexa). However, Indore’s Wonder Boy Avi Sharma understood that not everyone is computer-savvy, from the elderly to women and other members of society. He is unable to use computer technology at the same level as other people. As a result, 12-year-old Avi, a seventh-grader, constructed a voice command assistance system that can perform all of the duties performed by a computer with just one voice after learning the Python programming language.

No voice machine required (Computer handling voice command app)

The most unexpected part of Avi Sharma’s (Indore Wonder Boy Avi Sharma) creation is that no machine is required to use this voice assistant. There will be no Chromebook or Windows software updates for your PC or laptop. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on this. Because all voice assistants in the modern day are based on Google Assistant’s technology, but Avi Sharma’s domestic Alexa has challenged the technology that controls all computer technology across the world and directs all computer functions using your voice. This is a startling experiment in and of itself. You must download an application on your computer in just a few minutes, after which your computer will not only be able to turn off instead can perform diffrent activities like opening files watching TV etc. According to your commands.

Information in just one voice command

The computer now provides every essential information, and Avi Sharma’s idea can be observed in operation at his home these days. Avi Sharma is currently seated in front of his laptop, talking to it as if it were a person that sits in front of him and responds his comments and inquiries. In this experiment, whatever the computer is requested to do, the computer responds instantaneously. Apart from that, this is the first app of its kind to perform a computer shutdown solely using voice commands. Not only that, but this voice command may also be used to obtain all information about film actors, in addition to the Ramayana, Geeta Saar, and many genres of music and flicks.

The most significant point is that, if this idea reaches every home in the country, there will be no need to use a keyboard or a hand to control a computer in the future. People with disabilities will be able to complete all computer tasks with ease in this environment.

Modi’s Digital India Program inspired this invention

Avi Sharma, a 12-year-old Indore child prodigy, has dedicated his innovation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiative. Avi Sharma is working hard to ensure that his experiment will improve the lives of ordinary people easier in the future. That is why he wishes to donate it to India for free. His goal is for the Indian people to be able to use his experiment without having to buy a machine or spend thousands of dollars, and to use the computer on his voice as he wishes. As a result, he is now pleading with the Indian government to advance his idea.

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