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When the flame of determination is at its brightest, it is difficult to extinguish it. It was demonstrated once more by a Dalit student named Prem Kumar.

Prem Kumar, a daily wage laborer’s son from Gonpura village in Bihar, has won a Rs 2.5 crore scholarship to the prestigious Layfayette university in the United States of America. Prem received this scholarship from Dexterity Global Group, an organisation that provides scholarships and opportunities to underprivileged students from all over India.

Mechanical engineering and international affairs

Prem plans to study mechanical engineering and international affairs at the American university. SharadVivekSagar, the founder of Dexterity Global Group, announced Prem Kumar’s achievement on Twitter and posted a photo of himself with Prem.

In his Twitter post, Sharad revealed information such as Prem’s family background, the amount of the scholarship, and the name of the university. Prem Kumar, according to Sagar, is India’s first Mahadalit student to receive a scholarship to study at a global university.

In one of his recent interactions with a local news daily, a grateful Prem Kumar described the number of challenges he faced and the amount of effort he put in to get this far. Prem, who is overjoyed by his ‘incredible’ achievement, explained that his parents never went to school, so receiving a scholarship to study at a global university is a dream come true for him.

On seventh heaven, he also thanked and credited Dexterity Global Group for his achievement, and praised it for its ongoing work for Mahadalit children in Bihar.

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