• Government launched 100-day reading campaign and Skill Hub Initiative for drop out students.
  • Street lights to be illuminated using cow dung.
  • 4 new districts are going to emerge in the state.
  • Many more beneficial projects to be introduced as New Year’s gifts.
Every individual steps into the New Year with great zeal and jubilation. People make various new resolutions and plans for the upcoming year. They welcome the New Year with great hope that this year will bring along flying colors in every individual’s life.

To make the New Year more special, the Chhattisgarh government is intending to bestow various schemes to the public. With the advent of 2022, many doors of happiness are going to open in Chhattisgarh. The Chhattisgarh government is going to give various beneficial gifts to the people of Chhattisgarh. The government is planning to introduce schemes in various sectors to make 2022 a real happy new year.

From the education sector to energy production, in every field, the government is working to contribute to nation-building. On the first day of 2022 itself, the government launched two major education-related schemes. In the upcoming year, people will witness various schemes which will be in the interest of the people.

Starting the year with Education Schemes

The Chhattisgarh government started the New Year in the interest of the education sector. On the occasion of New Year’s Eve, the Chhattisgarh School Education Department has launched two new campaigns including a 100-day campaign for the development of children’s reading and mathematical skills and the other scheme is the Skill Hub Initiative program. These are the vocational educational course for school dropouts,

Under the Skill Hub Initiative program, children between the ages of 15 and 19 who have dropped out will be given training opportunities in a skill center based on vocational education. They will be better prepared for employment along with improving their skills. This training will be entirely free for the children who will be eligible for it. In the 100-day campaign, the students up to the 8th grade will be trained to improve reading, writing, and mathematical skills. This will be held for 14 weeks. In this period, the emphasis will be given to language and math improvement.

Street lights to be illuminated using cow dung

The trial of generating electricity from cow dung was successful in Chhattisgarh. Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) is preparing a big project in the state. In 2022, emphasis is being laid on providing scintillating street lights in village streets as well as supplying electricity to homes. In one hour, approximately 4000 watts of electricity were generated using 250 kg of cow dung and 500 liters of water in Bancharoda village. This allows 150 LED bulbs to be lit for 12 hours. Initially, the villages of Rakhi in Bemetara, Sikola in Durg, and Bancharoda Gothan in Raipur have been chosen for the project.

Ethanol, an alternate fuel

To avert a statewide fuel shortage, ethanol is being considered as an alternate fuel. The state administration has also asked the Center for permission to produce bioethanol from paddy for this purpose. MOU has already been signed for setting up the country’s largest ethanol plant based on the PPP model. If the central government makes Bioflex engine mandatory in all two-wheeler, three-wheeler, and four-wheeled vehicles, then Chhattisgarh will be one of the leading states to supply it.

Gas from cow dung

In the Mahasamund district of CG, a trial has begun with the installation of Gobar gas mini-plants in 28 Gauthans of the district. This year, plans are being made to expand it to other areas of the state. The work has begun in Gauthans on establishing a mini-plant to produce gas from cow dung; by 2022, this gas will also be supplied to homes. A small plant has now been established, and gas-burning bulbs will be installed in Gauthan through it. This gas will also be used to fill cylinders, which will be used as kitchen gas. Women will be able to cook food in their homes using cheap gas.

What are the upcoming schemes?

  • The stoves and the streets of the villages in Chhattisgarh will be lit and illuminated with the production of electricity and gas from cow dung.
  • Along with this, 4 new districts are going to emerge in the state. It means that these districts will now emerge out of paper and will have their own existence.
  • In the interest of agricultural laborers also the government is going to introduce schemes i.e. the funds will be transferred to the accounts of agricultural laborers directly.
  • The government may also introduce fuel like petrol from sugarcane among the people this year.
  • This year, there will be many more such useful projects available as New Year’s gifts.

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