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You are currently viewing STOP WORRYING, WILL YOU?

Worry is something most of us carry with us all day long. We were worried yesterday, we are worried today, and we will be worried tomorrow. There is no end to it. Interestingly, worry creates an anticipatory pattern in the mind that something may or may not happen.

  • All worry is not harmful

We need to strike a balance between healthy worrying and a nerve-wracking process that leaves you a mess. A niggly concern about certain things is not harmful, rather, it is healthy to have little everyday worries. It develops our mind, makes us better planners, prepares us for situations, and creates a healthy lifestyle. For example, worrying about our health, kids, family, career, safety, relationships, and food can reap rewards as long as we don’t overdo it. A certain amount of apprehension leads you to act or redirect. If you’re agonizing over something obsessively then take it as a signal that you have crossed the line and it’s imperative to take steps to counteract the harmful effects from this.

  • Worrying over words is futile

We are surrounded by the spoken language and we think in words. It starts from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we shut them at night. And sometimes, they don’t stop even in our sleep. Many people are known to sleep-talk, very often resulting in restless sleep. Words spoken to hurt have a heavy impact on our lives. It is one of the root causes of worry. And equally, if someone you’re in love with says, “Oh! You are awesome, you look great, you did it so well!”, it will fill you with elation. But fussing over words is futile. We communicate through language; words should just exist and not live within us.

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