Ujjain Vedic Watch: Unveiling the World’s First 30-Hour Clock, Know its speciality?

On March 1, 2024, a groundbreaking timekeeping marvel was unveiled in the ancient city of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. The world’s first Vedic clock, perched atop an 85-foot tower within the historic Jantar Mantar complex, has captured the imagination of horologists, astronomers, and spiritual seekers alike. Let’s delve into the fascinating story behind this extraordinary timepiece.

The Genesis of the Vedic Clock

Ujjain: A Timeless Nexus

Ujjain, nestled on the banks of the Shipra River, has long been revered as a centre of astronomical and temporal significance. Its historical legacy intertwines with the celestial rhythms, and it was here that the Tropic of Cancer intersected the Earth’s surface. Three centuries ago, Ujjain played a pivotal role in establishing the world’s standard time—a testament to its timeless connection with the cosmos.

The Vedic Clock’s Unique Features

1. Time According to the Panchang

The Vedic clock adheres faithfully to the ancient Indian panchang, a comprehensive almanack that guides daily life. It doesn’t merely tick away seconds; it weaves together cosmic cycles, planetary positions, and optimistic moments. As the sun rises, the clock embarks on its rhythmic journey, measuring time from one sunrise to the next.

2. A Day of 30 Hours

Here lies the crux of its uniqueness: the Vedic clock defies the conventional 24-hour day. Instead, it stretches time into 30 hours. Each hour comprises 48 minutes, a departure from the familiar 60-minute segments. Imagine a day when you have more hours to savour, contemplate, and create—a temporal expansion that resonates with the ancient wisdom of the Vedas.

3. Muhurats and Tithis

Beyond mere timekeeping, the Vedic clock reveals the fabric of existence. Thirty muhurats, auspicious time intervals, unfold throughout the day. These windows offer opportunities for rituals, ceremonies, and harmonizing with cosmic energies. Additionally, it tracks the lunar phases (tithis), aligning our lives with celestial rhythms.

4. Indian Standard Time and Greenwich Mean Time

While rooted in tradition, the Vedic clock bridges eras. It proudly displays both Indian Standard Time (IST) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). As the sun casts its golden rays upon Ujjain, the clock synchronizes with global time zones, honouring the interconnectedness of our planet.

The Visionaries Behind the Clock

Shishir Gupta: Architect of Time

Shishir Gupta, a Vedic clock development team member, breathes life into this temporal marvel. His dedication to preserving ancient knowledge and blending it with modern precision has culminated in the world’s first Vedic clock. Gupta’s passion echoes through the intricate gears and celestial calculations embedded within.

Shree Ram Tiwari: Keeper of Tradition

Director of the Maharaja Vikramaditya Research Institute, Shree Ram Tiwari champions the Vedic clock’s cause. He emphasizes that Ujjain, with its cosmic lineage, is the rightful home for this timekeeping wonder. The Tropic of Cancer, which once intersected this sacred land, now witnesses the unfolding of a new epoch.

Positive takeaway

As the Vedic clock stands tall against the Ujjain sky, it beckons us to transcend temporal boundaries. It invites us to honour the past while embracing the future—a bridge across millennia. Perhaps, in its rhythmic cadence, we find not just hours but glimpses of eternity.

In the heart of Ujjain, where the sun and stars converge, the world’s first Vedic clock whispers secrets of cosmic harmony. As we gaze upon its face, let us remember that time, like the universe, is both finite and infinite—an eternal dance awaiting our participation.

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