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The emission of gases from vehicles is one of the major causes of air pollution. These gases affect the purity of the environment. In a bid to promote a sustainable environment the central Government launched electric vehicles. In order to function, these electric vehicles require charging stations. In the same line, World’s highest electric vehicle charging station was inaugurated in Kaza of Lahaul and Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh. It is the first station which is setup here.
Breaking the myths
Two women drove electric vehicles from Manali to Kaza in order to promote a clean and green environment. Furthermore, one of the two women said in an interview- “All the products are made in India here and we travelled from Manali to Kaza to promote sustainable energy. Also, there is a myth that we cannot cover long-distance journeys on electric vehicles. So, we both wanted to prove it wrong by riding these electric scooters from Manali. We had a very comfortable journey”
To promote sustainable environment
The charging station is setup by Go-Ego networking company, which is established under Make in India mission. This station in Kaza was built in response to tourist complaints about the lack of E-vehicle charging stations in the Spiti Valley, according to a statement from the SDM. On the completion of the women’s journey to Kaza, the SDM congratulated both the woman. Additionally, he appealed everybody to promote electric vehicles for a sustainable environment.

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