NASA’s Giant Rocket Gets Ready To Take Humans To The Moon

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In the exciting world of space exploration, NASA is gearing up for an extraordinary journey to the Moon. As part of the ambitious Artemis program, astronauts are busy preparing for their lunar adventure, and NASA is hard at work getting their spacecraft ready to carry them.

Welding Confidence: A Key Step in Rocket Building

At the Michoud Assembly Facility, skilled technicians have reached a significant milestone in preparing the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket’s advanced upper stage. They’ve completed a crucial component called the “weld confidence article” for the liquid oxygen tank, which is a vital part of the SLS rocket’s exploration upper stage.

A Step Towards More Powerful Space Travel

The advanced upper stage is a key component that will boost the SLS rocket’s capabilities for the Artemis program, starting with Artemis IV. This evolution will enable the rocket to carry 40% more payload to the Moon, including the Artemis astronauts inside NASA’s Orion spacecraft.

The Role of Weld Confidence Articles

Weld confidence articles are essential for ensuring the quality of welding procedures and the integrity of structural welds. NASA used a special welding technique called friction stir welding to attach the dome of the liquid oxygen tank weld confidence article to its structural ring at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The welding process was completed by the skilled teams at the Liquid Oxygen Tank Assembly Center (LTAC) in Michoud.

Collaborative Efforts for Success

NASA is not alone in this monumental task. In collaboration with Boeing, the lead contractor for the SLS core stage and exploration upper stage, NASA is producing both structural test articles and flight hardware structures for the upper stage. This partnership is crucial to ensuring the success of the Artemis program.

Artemis: Diversity and Deep Space Exploration

Under the Artemis program, NASA has a historic mission – to land the first woman and the first person of color on the Moon. The SLS rocket is a vital part of NASA’s strategy for deep space exploration, working in tandem with the Orion spacecraft and the Gateway, which orbits the Moon.

The Pivotal Role of the SLS Rocket

The SLS rocket is not just any rocket; it’s the only one capable of sending the Orion spacecraft, astronauts, and supplies to the Moon all in a single mission. This makes it a critical player in NASA’s pursuit of new frontiers in space exploration.


As NASA continues to make strides in its preparations for the Artemis program, the world eagerly anticipates the day when astronauts return to the Moon. The SLS rocket’s evolution to the Block 1B configuration and the successful completion of welding confidence articles are significant steps toward making this historic mission a reality. With collaborative efforts and the commitment to diversity in space exploration, NASA’s journey to the Moon promises to be an inspiring and groundbreaking chapter in human history.

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