upGrad to Launch 10 Offline Centres Globally by 2023, 5 in India

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UpGrad, an edtech startup, has announced that 10 offline institutes will be opened during the upcoming year. 

These facilities include three in the United States, with the San Francisco unit becoming live in January 2023, five in India spread across Delhi and Chennai to complement its current facilities in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, as well as one each in Singapore and the Middle East.

This is being released under the new brand “UGDX.” According to upGrad, all ten institutes will be launched by next year with a USD 30 million investment. According to the edtech, the recently acquired data science, AI, and machine learning-focused offline institute – INSOFE – adds the “X” factor to UGDX.

According to upGrad, it also intends to conduct faculty recruitments in various geographies and to use technology to seamlessly integrate campuses, faculty, and corporates within one ecosystem. UGDX will offer certificates, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programmes in artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, blockchain, connected devices, IOT, quantum computing, digital management, leadership courses, and the Cloud.

World’s first fully integrated Higher Edtech company

“As part of our goal to be the world’s first and largest fully integrated Higher Edtech company spanning college learners and working professionals from the age of 18 to 60+ years, this is a natural extension as we move to a very scaled blended offline and online model under our own upGrad brand,” said Ronnie Screwvala co-founder and chairperson, upGrad.

“UGDX’s Work-integrated Education programme is unique and sets it apart from traditional universities. Our DNA will be industry-centric, and we are creating programmes that will prepare students to help corporates transform. Rich engagements with industry connections will also enable our learners with real-world experiences from day one. All our programmes have at least twice the number of capstones and project work compared to traditional programme s,” said Dr Dakshinamurthy Kolluru, Founder and CEO, upGrad INSOFE, who will also be heading the UGDX. “Every UGDX will have an incubation unit, to invest in IPs and foster budding entrepreneurs to formulate ideas and build patents which will be developed and nurtured inside the institute itself,” he further added.

Dr Sridhar Pappu, President of UGDX said, “As a premier institution, the impact on our learners and society at large, is extremely important to us. Hence, the faculty at UGDX shall work with multiple colleges in the nearby areas, and design free faculty development programmes, bootcamps, and summer schools for socially and economically less-privileged students. We’re committed to creating digital transformation at all levels.”

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