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The Assam Cabinet approved the Tourism Policy, 2022 on July 28. This policy aims to create enough infrastructure at tourist destinations while taking into account cultural and ecological sensitivity.

The strategy to construct Special Tourism Zones (STZs) through encouraging tea garden visits, health initiatives, adventures, along with the already-existing wildlife and historical circuit, was approved by the cabinet at a meeting presided over by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

50 tea gardens with recognisable bungalows near

According to minister Jayanta Malla Baruah, during the meeting, the cabinet agreed a set of recommendations for promoting and developing the infrastructure in the estates in an effort to increase tea tourism. The tourism minister announced that 50 tea gardens with recognisable bungalows near to already established tourist routes would be chosen for infrastructure improvement using a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.

For the promotion of tea tourism, Rs 50 crore have been set aside in the budget for 2022–2023. The policy also supports the growth of home stays and places a special emphasis on coordinating the transportation and tourist sectors, according to Baruah. Local people are also intended to be involved in various tourism endeavours both directly and indirectly.

During the day, the cabinet also approved a proposal to implement dual language instruction in state-run schools for grades 6 through 12. School administrators will be free to introduce English without removing Assamese or any other vernacular language.

Have co-education facilities in all state government schools

In order to ensure gender equality, the Cabinet also approved a proposal to have co-education facilities in all state government schools, with the exception of a few girls’ schools with a rich history and tradition. 

Cabinet members also agreed to mark the death anniversary of Assam’s first chief minister, Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi, on August 5 as Lok Kalyan Divas.

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