The road you want to travel

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This sentence stroked me when I read it. What an insightful sentence. It carries vivid meaning, you can perceive as per your best ability to process your thoughts. For students it could lead to their career, for a mother it could be well-being for her kids, for a father it could be a betterment of his family. For a human it could be for his final destination. Again the definition of the final destination will differ according to their priority in life.
We live in the era where technology is growing at its maximum pace. Artificial intelligence is one of the emerging platform which open the door of new world.
We Indians have VEDAS & UPNISADS, which teaches us to explore outside and inside ourself respectively. These are like two wings for us and we have to create balance in these both wings for our very existence . We have very rich culture and traditions with scientific background. We had an ancient education system “GURUKUL” where disciple learns every life skill along with all academic subjects. It helps them to explore and evolve in every dimension of their lives.
Time has change, gradually technology invade in our lives. No doubt it gave us an edge for growth and it has lots of advantages but at the same time we have to be careful about its misuse.
There are lots of discussions about misuse of mobiles and other mediums. Now more alarming signals are coming from ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. It is a field which combines computer science and robust database to enable problem-solving.
Artificial intelligence is a method of making a computer controlled robot or software which think intelligently like human based on data. It may have advantages in various ways but it has lots of hidden disadvantages as is really a matter of concern as the pace of AI progress has gotten so incredibly fast recently. Ten years ago most people thought that the original goal of AI to outsmart humans at everything was going to take maybe 30,40 years but there are lots of indications that its happening now. he way its progressing it has potential risk to human society. We have to be cautious we should progress in the AI field gradually and with wisdom rather than recklessly.
The way it is heading in sometime you can make human cloning and editing the human gremlin to create some super race. which is ofcourse without human quality like emotions, empathy, and affection. Why we should take a pause?
Biologists thought really hard about it and found it is really not worth the risk to create something that would be hard to control. In this regard MAX TEGMARK calls for 6 months pause on AI buildout to frame regulations.
Every technology has dual impact. The positive impact is well known but has hidden disadvantages. CHAT GPT is useful in many ways but at the same time is it killing human mind and thinking process in a very subtle pace which we can’t even notice. We are traveling to the path where humans can replace by robots soon. Use of AI technology to imitate voices of your family members saying they are in trouble and then asking for money to the scammers. This kind of crime already started but it is a very narrow impact much large picture is about to disclose which create danger for whole existence of human. It is an alarm wake-up.

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