Finding My Balance: A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Mixed Martial Arts

All stories have an ending. I am alive. I am breathing, eating, sleeping, smiling, travelling, walking, living my present and planning for future which is the best ending I can think of till I start MMA Mixed martial art.

It was my regular gym day and my trainer introduced me to MMA workout. It was really an amazing experience and started doing it on regular basis. Initially it was a kind of workout for me but gradually I have stared experiencing its beauty on all dimensions. It has taught me the discipline, refinement of consciousness and moral fibre to live a life of purpose with the balance of the spiritual and worldly aspects of existence.

These days everyone is actively searching for something meaningful beyond their daily routines to find peace and calm. When we fix a goal the path appears and to find the meaning of life we must walk the path and let life blossom from there. This lesson I learned from this form of art. We often associate martial art with combat, self-defence and violence but the combative craft is not just about flying kicks and flashy punches. the philosophy stresses peace and harmony. The real value of martial arts is helping induvial harness their natural strength. It’s another aspect is inner dimension.


Now I understand why martial arts masters always look calm and collected. The primary reason is that as they move from one level to the next ,they don’t simply learn new skills to improve their movements and strength, they also begin to understand the energy flow of the body and the surroundings. They become one with the force of life. they still face challenges but they know how to overcome them. They know when to give due attention, patiently wait and watch the situation and to take action accordingly.

I believe martial arts are connected to inner peace ,movement, awareness, observation and calmness. Only when the mind is settled can be foresee what will be the opponent’s next move.

I was constantly remined by my trainer to channel energy in right direction and once the vision is clear the wisdom to perform will automatically come at the right time. All lessons and apply on our day to day life in order to live a purposeful life. it taught me about balance, patience, dynamics and how to follow the intuition of the natural spirit. It works on our energy flow, helps refine our senses and make us alert .we develop 360 degree awareness as we start listening and communicating with everything around us, yet remain unaffected within energy manifests in each individual as mind and that’s how we attain stillness within.

Through experience I would say any form of art is not only about passion but also a way of life to attain mastery of SELF. It refines the ego so that we live in harmony with the living beings in this universe.

What I believe every arts have pearls of wisdom

1. Embrace challenges: Pursue worthwhile endeavours, even when they’re difficult.
2. Be gentle to the weak and tough to the strong.
3. Contentment with possessions, but a constant hunger for growth.
4. Always finish what you begin, be it large or small.
5. Learn right attitude towards your deeds and life, skill with action rather than word
6. Always be yourself, even though your circumstances may change.
7. Know the fact that body language and eyes speak more about the inner strength we carry.

Although any art, sport, passion and insights of life are more than we think or feel. They have their own stories to teach us in their own ways. New skill reveals lessons for willpower, discipline, and overcoming challenges.

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