7 extraordinary steps to a fulfilling and loving relationship

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A person’s life is knitted with the yarn of relationships’ yarn that has many colours and many levels of warmth. Every relationship has its special warmth. Each one has different emotions and comes with its own set of expectations. if you want your relationships to be truly beautiful, you must first look inward and deeply within before you look at someone else. you can have a fantastic relationship with anyone if you become a source of joy for yourself through interactions based on sharing joy. Always be truthful to yourself and your partner. I truly believe that it is possible for everyone to have a loving and fulfilling relationship.it is just a matter of healing, learning, appreciating, accepting, and reshaping your mindset.
THE FIRST STEP is to accept and be grateful for what we have at the moment because what we are experiencing at this moment has been programmed by us in the past.”by programmed “I mean to say the thoughts, words, actions, incidences, and memories that we carry from the past in our subconscious mind. Some of them we are not even aware of, as it is hiding deep in our subconscious mind. Accepting and allowing it to process gives you a quantum leap in letting go of your past. It may take time but when you don’t suppress it and allow it to accept with full processing it is all an experience that has been created for your good.
THE SECOND STEP is to be grateful and thankful for our partner, whether we see their role as good or bad. I don’t differentiate between good and bad because both are necessary and bring us amazing experiences. Our partners are just mirroring the mental programs that we have in our conscious and subconscious minds. Moreover, our partners are helping us in our overall growth.to move forward in life, it is essential to understand this and be grateful for all actions of others.
THE THIRD STEP is to clean all past memories, thoughts, and painful experiences after processing it, processing is very important without processing some garbage stale and will disturb you on and off. We can access our subconscious mind to heal and change past memories. When we carry a memory we reproduce it or it can create an unpleasant sensation. if processing and removal seem too difficult don’t hesitate to take help whom you can trust or a therapist.
THE FOURTH STEP is to reprogram the mind, installing what we would like to manifest in our life. we can work with our daily thoughts to understand deeply what we are thinking and how we can change. For example, if you want that your partner should be understandable and communicative. You have to reprogram your mind by this thought it’s okay not everyone can read my mind in my perception they have their own way of perception and we have to find a middle way to make effective communication. Remember our thoughts create our reality. It might give you discomfort in the beginning but keep practicing so that in the near future we enjoy riding.
THE FIFTH STEP is to balance the energies between our partners and ourselves. Most of us make efforts to balance work, family time, health, and personal growth but balancing energies between partners is also a very essential step. These energies would be physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Meditation no doubt helps in understanding and balancing. When we balance ourselves, we automatically help to balance other people around us, especially our loved ones.
THE SIXTH STEP is to note how we see our relationships, whether are we enjoying loving relationships despite small disagreements, how quickly we resolve the issues, and how truthful are we in our relationship. I can enjoy seeing my partner’s healthy lifestyle, and his or her passion for work. Small-Small gestures like holding hands, going for walks, and laughing together. From my experience when we focus on what we like in our partner then it becomes what we see.
THE SEVENTH STEP is to send positive energy to our partner. We all can experience bad moods or just have a gray day and it helps to support one another when we are feeling this way. There is no point arguing or getting involved when you can simply heal by sending them positive energy. 
However, the Dynamics of relationships can vary so we should be vigilant and observe the dynamics of our relationship without being judgemental then only we can take or add essential steps towards making it a more loving and fulfilling relationship that we can cherish throughout our lives.

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