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IISER Researchers from Bhopal have developed organic crystalline materials for highly sensitive pressure sensors

Researchers at IISER have developed an organic crystalline material for use in highly sensitive...

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DeepTek introduced new AI powered tool, know what it is

DeepTek's latest innovation DeepSpine, provides an AI-powered quantification and analysis tool for...

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Webb telescope finds its first planet outside the Solar System. It's 99% like Earth

The Webb telescope has found the first planet outside of our solar system. The first extrasolar...

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Cummins Inc. working on zero-emission engine that uses hydrogen fuel rather than a battery

Cummins, a 100-year-old company, is working towards making a zero-emission engine. This engine will...

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Scientists are developing a new technology that tracks WiFi signals to identify if you are struggling to breathe

Technology is taking some amazing turns. Scientists are now working on a new technology that will...

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