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Indian Telescope Unravels Mysteries of First Stars Born After Big Bang

An indigenously developed telescope, assisted in gathering data on the features of a galaxy that...

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Researchers Develop Affordable Cement from Locally Available Material

IIT Hyderabad research developed an affordable special ultra-high performance fibre reinforced...

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Nesca Homes aims to build 10,000 wooden buildings by 2030 in India

Nesca Homes, a wooden home construction company, intends to construct 10,000 wooden structures in...

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Swachh Bharat Mission: 75-hour cleanliness drive from Dec 1

UP government will organise a massive cleanliness drive covering 750 civic bodies in 75 districts...

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Storytrails launched book drawn from walking tours across the country

Chennai-based Storytrails launches a fun-filled, information-packed book drawn from its walking...

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