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Export of hydrogen fuel, move to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2070

The government has extended the benefit of duty and tax exemption on exported goods (RoDTEP) scheme...

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Research in Water Management using Membrane Technology -Phd student gets fellowship

Harsh Patel, a graduate research assistant and Ph.D. candidate in chemical engineering at the...

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Three Chhattisgarh artists honoured with Padma Shri award

Here are the Padma awardees from Chhattisgarh, who are being recognised for their distinguished...

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Padma awardee from Nagaland on a mission to save art from fading out

Nagaland's master weaver Neihunuo Sorhie, who has been chosen for the Padma Shri award, is on a...

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Discover how the United States has achieved remarkable progress in nuclear fusion research. Learn...

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Govt pushes for Aatmanirbhar chipset and BharOS in India

The Indian government tested the BharOS developed by the IIT Madras and stated that the next phase...

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