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Degradation of nature and it’s crisis

by Riya Mishra

Date & Time: Jan 24, 2023 11:00 AM

Read Time: 3 minute

We are sustaining our existence on this planet because of the nature and biodiversity it consists of. There is no need for an introduction to earth's biodiversity and nature. 

The nature of the earth is a perfect combination of both positives and negatives, and it has been well balanced and maintained until human intervention. The structure and composition of nature are quite astonishing. Some subjects that are useful in some way are even harmful in another way. Most harmful elements even protect us. The atmosphere wraps the surface of the earth perfectly, protecting the biodiversity on the planet. The depletion of nature and biodiversity is continuing at an alarming rate, and the consequences of this action are not good. Humans are destroying nature, and the day will not be far away when it will be impossible for humans to live on Earth.The rapid change in climate is not occurring naturally; it is a side effect and a sign of the amount of depletion we have done to nature. During the World Economic Forum of 2023, the main discussion took place regarding the effects of degradation of nature, like climate change, energy transition, extinction of biodiversity, food security, and related topics. The loss of nature is directly causing an economic crisis for us.

Our dependence on nature

Human beings have been dependent on nature for everything since they were hunter-gatherers. We require all the products nature provides us. The most fundamental needs we have, like oxygen, food, medicine, and clean water, are met by the natural world. Other aspects of human life with a connection to nature, like culture, travel, and art, are also advantageous. Thus, it is evident that the negative effects of nature and biodiversity loss put our human health at risk by jeopardising the standard and accessibility of the necessities for maintaining life as well as the positive social effects of nature.

Climate change

The most dangerous issue we are dealing with is this one. The deforestation that is cutting down the forests for various reasons and the drastic increase of pollution are two of the most important reasons for climate change. And as a result, there is drastic increase in temperature. It is a well-known fact that temperatures vary regardless of the season in a world prone to Tsunamis, earthquakes, and temperature increases.Many nations have come together to tackle this problem. And this is causing disturbances in biodiversity and nature. These unfortunate trends will undoubtedly have additional effects on the future prosperity of our economies and businesses. According to the World Economic Forum, natural disasters pose a moderate to severe risk to $44 trillion in economic value, more than half of the global GDP. The future resilience of broad industries like agriculture, food production, and construction is largely dependent on nature.

Accelerating Forest Economy Innovation Project

Manulife is a leader in risk assessment and management and a leading global life insurer and asset manager. Manulife has taken on the responsibility of managing forests and farms responsibly, helping to mitigate the terrible effects of biodiversity loss and nature loss. Manulife is the largest institutional asset manager in forestry and a premier manager in agriculture. Manulife is launching a project called "Accelerating Forest Economy Innovation" on the World Economic Forum's open innovation platform, UpLink, in collaboration with 1t.org. The project will include two innovation challenges: the Sustainable Forest Economy Challenge, which begins today, and another focused on forests and trees improving human health and wellbeing. Innovative technologies and solutions that address sustainable forestry and the connections between the environment and human health will be found and scaled up.

Not only this project, but various organisations around the world are working on reducing climate change. We may not be able to change what we have already done to nature, but we can work towards progressing its recovery. Preserving what we are left with is more important than regretting our choices and doing nothing. We are seeing the extinction of various animals, the depletion of soil and natural resources, and the pollution of the air but we must put our efforts into action to not make the available sources to be lost. You can at least make an effort to prevent the harm and crisis that we will face in the coming years. Your small initiation may start a revolution that has a greater impact.

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