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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro: Works better within the ecosystem

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Nov 01, 2022 3:00 PM

Read Time: 3 minute

The two major factors we noticed this year in Samsung's latest launches were upgrades and improvements. Samsung has been eager to push its products to new heights and create its own ecosystem. We previously saw how newly released smartphones received upgrades. Similarly, the company's wearables this year received significant upgrades. In today's review, we will reveal another wearable from the company, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro - a successor to the previously launched Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.


The first impression is very important, and Samsung has capitalised on it by giving the case a matte finish, which looks very elegant. The case is square in shape, small, and easy to grip due to its texture. The new earbuds come in three colour options, with the Bora Purple being the most visually appealing. The new Buds2 Pro is comparatively smaller and fits the ears very comfortably when compared to the Buds Pro, which is one of the upgrades found in the new earbuds.

The exterior of the case is very plain with an LED light-up front and a Type-C port at the back for charging. Opening the case introduces you to the two earbuds. In their respective case there are magnetic pins to charge the earbuds. At the top of the earbuds, you will notice a vent that is designed to relieve pressure from ANC. While using the earbuds, we found that it fits the ears very comfortably and feels light, allowing you to wear them for a long time without any stress. The new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro comes with an IPX7 rating which allows you to wear them without any worry of water damage when it is raining or when you are sweating in the gym.

Connectivity and controls

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro are simple to pair and can be paired with phones without using the Samsung wearable app. We recommend installing the Samsung Wear app for improved control and functionality. After installing the app, you can choose from a variety of EQ presets. Both earbuds are touch sensitive, allowing you to play/pause tracks with a single tap, double tap to play the next track, and triple tap to go back to previous tracks. You can also toggle between ANC/Ambient sound, ANC on/off, and Ambient sound on/off using the earbuds. Long pressing can also be used to summon voice commands and adjust the volume.

Samsung is building its own ecosystem, meaning the earbuds come with some exclusive features that are available for Samsung phones only. The availability of 24-bit audio and 360-degree audio is reserved for only Samsung phone holders.


The new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro have an excellent sound quality balance. The produced sound is pleasant to the ears. Samsung's new earbuds feature dual drivers (10mm driver, 5mm tweeter) and AKG tuning, which is even written inside the case. The company used its new Seamless Codec (SSC), which allows 256 times more sound data to be transmitted while improving sound quality detailing. We were able to hear all of the notes very clearly while reviewing, and the separation level between chords was also perfectly managed. The bass produced by the new Buds2 Pro is balanced.The bass level does not hit the ears very hard, which we feel is good because it does not 
burden the eardrums.


The new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro comes with a battery power of five hours with ANC on. The battery-lasting capability is something that the company needs to consider to get an edge over its competitors. The case is capable of wireless charging. The charging speed is moderate, and takes quite some time to get fully charged.


Users have clearly received upgraded true wireless earbuds from Samsung. The new Galaxy Buds2 Pro has a more compact design and a smart ANC feature, making it a true Apple AirPods competitor. On Samsung's website, it is currently available for ₹17,999.

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