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Navratri gift to passengers, IRCTC to provide special ‘Vrat Thali’ during travelling

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Sep 23, 2022 7:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

Every year, Indian Railways runs a special train for passengers on festive seasons, ensuring that every passenger arrives home on time. On the other hand, IRCTC has brought a special offer for passengers travelling by train this time. This step by the Railways will provide enormous benefits to the fasting people during Navratri, as well as be very convenient for the people. Actually, we're referring to the vrat thali that travellers receive during Navratri. The IRCTC has also issued several instructions on the subject. Surely, with IRCTC's offer, the passengers' anxiety about eating during the fast will be greatly reduced.

Passengers travelling during the fast will have no problems as a result of IRCTC's decision. During Navratri, train passengers will be served food devoid of onion, garlic, and fasting salt (Sendha Namak). This service will be available at 400 stations.

How to book for a plate?

To ask for the thali, the passenger has to book a call on 1323. In no time you will have the food delivered to your seat with a clean plate. Such an offer was also given by IRCTC last year.

According to IRCTC PRO Anand Kumar Jha, there is concern about the food and drink of fasting passengers during Navratri. With this in mind, a special fasting thali has been prepared. This arrangement can be extended based on demand.

What are the foods included in the plate?

Let us tell you, this time Navratri is starting from Monday, September 26. This facility will be given to you in these nine days.

• 99 rupees – fruits, buckwheat dumplings, curd

• 99 rupees – 2 parathas, potato curry, sago pudding

• 199 rupees – 4 parathas, 3 vegetables, sago khichdi

• 250 rupees – Paneer Paratha, Vrat Masala, Singhada and Aloo Paratha will be provided

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