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Self Help: Small habits in your daily routine can bring change in your life

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Sep 16, 2022 10:00 PM

Read Time: 1 minute

The person you are today is the result of many small habits that you have developed. We develop small habits that grow into something larger and more meaningful as we grow older.

Big goals, like meditating for an hour a day or taking the time to study, seem overwhelming. Pay attention to small habits. Like meditate for a few seconds or read 30-40 lines every night. While doing something, read a few lines of the book. Meditate while the coffee is brewing. Keep tracking your progress. You can achieve big results by starting small.

Learn to accept mistakes if you want to avoid stagnation

The attitude of sticking to your point of view can become a big obstacle in your path of progress. To get rid of obstinacy, you must be ready to give up your old thoughts. Learn to accept mistakes if you want to avoid stagnation. The hallmark of a superior person is that if proven wrong, he is ready to accept new thinking. It takes courage.

You have to solve your problems yourself

If you are troubled by working more or there is stress, then it is wrong to blame others. You have to solve your problems on your own. Remind yourself from time to time that whatever the circumstances may be, I have the strength and ability to make the right choices and shape my own present and future. Assure yourself that everything is under your control.

How to turn a good idea into a big idea

You can turn a good idea into a big one. John Montagu had a good idea. When he get hungry, he ask his cook to put a cheese slice between two slices of bread and bring it. This was the birth of the sandwich. Levi Strauss made jeans out of tent cloth. Bill Gates put a computer on every desk.

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