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7th Pay Commission: Good news for Central Govt Employees ahead of festivals. Check Details

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Sep 15, 2022 3:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

Employees of the Central Government can now travel by Tejas Express for tours, training, transfers, and retirements. The Department of Expenditure (DoE) stated in an Office Memorandum (O.M) dated September 12, 2022 that the travel entitlement in Tejas Express trains would be the same as that in Shatabdi trains.

“The matter regarding admissibility of travel by Tejas Express Trains on official Tour has been considered in this Department. It has been decided to allow Central Govt. employees to travel by Tejas Express Trains for the journey on Tour/Training/Transfer/Retirement, in addition to the Trains as mentioned in para 2 A (ii) of this Department’s OM of even number dated 13.07.2017. Travel entitlement in Tejas Express Trains would be same as that of Shatabdi Trains as mentioned in para 2 A (ii) of this Department’s OM of even number dated 13.07.2017,” the DoE said.

What the 2017 Circular said

DoE's O.M. dated 13th July 2017 stated that the "Pay Level" for determining the TA/DA entitlement is as indicated in Central Civil Service (Revised Pay) Rules 2016. This is in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission recommendations relating to travelling allowance to Central Government Employees.

According to the 2017 O.M., the department decided to allow government officials to travel by Premium Trains/Premium Tatkal Trains/Suvidha Trains. The department also permitted the reimbursement of Premium Tatkal Charges for ticket bookings and the reimbursement of Dynamic/Flexiare in Shatabdi/Rajdhani/Duronto Trains while on official tour/training. “Reimbursement of Tatkal Seva Charges which has fixed fare, will remain continue to be allowed,” it said.

Travel entitlement for the journey in Premium/Premium Tatkal/Suvidha/ Shatabdi/Rajdhani/ Duronto Trains was fixed as under:

• For Pay Level 12 and above in Pay Matrix: Executive/Ac 1st Class (ln case of Premium/Premium Tatkal/Suvidha/Shatabdi/Rajdhani Trains as per available highest class)

• For Pay Level 6 to 112 in Pay Matrix: AC 2nd Class/Chair Car (Shatabdi Trains)

• For Pay Level 5 and above: AC 3rd Class/Chair Car

In addition, the 2017 O.M stated that in the case of places not connected by rail, travel by AC bus is permitted for all those entitled to travel by AC ll Tier and above by train and by Deluxe/ordinary bus for others.

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