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Reliance Industry emerged as India’s largest employer, added 2.32 lakh jobs in FY22

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Aug 30, 2022 11:00 PM

Read Time: 1 minute

Reliance Industry Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced on August 29 that his company added nearly 2.32 lakh jobs across all businesses during FY22, with Reliance Retail being one of the largest employers. In his keynote address at the 45th Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries, Ambani also said that they continue to be the largest taxpayers in India.

India’s largest employer

According to RIL's annual report for 2021-22, one of the largest employers, Reliance Industries (RIL), created 2.32 lakh (2,32,822) new jobs, bringing its total workforce strength to 3,42,982 at the end of FY22. RIL employs 22,642, Reliance Retail employs 2,15,614 people, and Jio employs 83,347 people.

In 2021, Mukesh Ambani had emphasised on the importance of talent retention. He said, “Even in these challenging times, I am personally proud to report to you that Reliance Retail has not only protected jobs, but also created over 65,000 new jobs.”

56% increase in recruits at Reliance

Mukesh Ambani is the chairman and CEO of Reliance Industries. The company is involved in petrochemicals, oil and gas, telecommunications, and retail. Reliance Industries' retail business expanded both offline and online during the year, creating over 150,000 jobs. In comparison to the previous year, RIL saw a 56% increase in new hires and a 132% increase in the retail arm. The strong hiring for the retail business came at a time when the company was tying up with global brands, opening new stores, and planning to open many more in the coming months.

All set to launch a fast-moving consumer goods business

Reliance Retail, is all set to venture out into the fast-moving consumer goods business after making growth in the retail business. “The objective of this business is to develop and deliver high quality, affordable products which solve every Indian’s daily needs. As part of our commitment to India’s rich culture and heritage, we will soon start marketing quality goods produced by tribals and other marginalised communities across India,” said Isha Ambani.

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