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Agri Nutri Garden Project launched in Ernakulam, to motivate tribal women to grow healthy food crops

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jul 13, 2022 10:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

The Agri Nutri Garden project was launched in collaboration by the Kudumbashree Mission and the Chittattukara panchayat in the Paravur block of the Ernakulam district. The program's objective, according to the panchayat's vice president P.P. Aroosh, is to help households grow vegetables by building vegetable gardens in each of the panchayat's wards.

According to Aroosh, the panchayat had 18 yards and a population of about 36,000. He said that every effort was being made to get the vegetable gardens put up as soon as possible.

The Agri Nutri Garden initiative's main target audience is the local government of the State. A letter from the Public Relations Department states that Fort Kochi Sub Collector Vishnu Raj launched the Chittattukara Project and claimed that the gardens were essential at the time and would help revive the custom of household vegetable planting.

The Kudumbashree Mission is assisting with the program's implementation. The Kudumbashree network will assist with vegetable production and marketing.

According to the advertisement, local vegetable production will not only guarantee a supply of healthy produce but also contribute to the creation of new job possibilities. There is also a strategy to gather high-quality seeds that are readily available locally for the Programme.

Aim of the campaign

The aim of the Kudumbashree Mission is to encourage the establishment of an agri-nutritional garden in every rural poor household so that the family's nutritional needs can be met and any extra produce can be sold to generate cash.

What is Agri Nutri Garden Project

The Agri Nutri Garden initiative instals organic vegetable gardens at homes to provide access to nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, prepare people to be self-sufficient in veggies, and foster a healthy society. The primary goal of establishing the idea of Nutri-gardens was to motivate tribal women to grow healthy food crops in their backyards.

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