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Kerala Man created smart plant stand with self-watering system without electricity

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jul 12, 2022 1:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

Local Kottayam resident P A Sanjay Kumar quit his high paying job to pursue agribusiness and his passion for farming. He created an intelligent stand that feeds and waters your plants.

P A Sanjay Kumar started his dairy farm in 2014 with about ten cows. He also utilized cow urine and dung as organic manure, similar to jeevamrut (organic fertilizer made from cow pee and dung), and sold it in biodegradable plastic pouches. This one-of-a-kind endeavor was a big success.

Sanjay’s innovative stand

Sanjay's next goal was to develop a product for agriculture enthusiasts who were limited by space and time. He founded Green Kairaly in 2016 and came up with the concept for a portable plant stand that has a self-watering system and doesn't require electricity.

“I think that everyone has a farmer in them. “People who’re captivated with farming, particularly those that reside in cities, typically do not have sufficient room or time to get began,” Sanjay mentioned in an Interview.

There are five distinct varieties of Sanjay's current outfits. These techniques can be completely moved and removed, and options include an integrated drip irrigation system, a rain shelter, and a WiFi timer.

“While other areas are being updated, innovation in agriculture is moving at a glacial rate.” People continuously argue that we should always return to extra standard practices as a result of they’re more practical.

Second mannequin developed in 2020

“But instead, I think we should always adapt to the times by coming up with such techniques," said the 46-year-old. The second version of the mannequin, developed by Sanjay in 2020, was an improved version of the first; it could fit up to 40 development bags inside a 30-square-foot space and was mobile and detachable.

“The original model had various flaws. It was compact and portable, but it wasn’t removable or simple to transport and could only hold ten grow bags. An improved model was inevitable,” says the automobile engineer, including that the second mannequin was within the form of a pyramid with a rain cowl and a selected fertilization association.

Third mannequin launched in 2021

In 2021, he launched his third mannequin, which may be linked to a smartphone app that enables customers to manage the drip irrigation system even whereas they aren’t at dwelling.

“People frequently worry about watering their plants when they are away from home.” So, this mannequin is a step in the proper path,” Sanjay explains. “Power and a WiFi connection are required for this method to operate. The drip irrigation system is provided with a WiFi timed system.

It may be linked to a smartphone app. Users can specify the exact time they need the irrigation system to start out and cease utilizing the app. This system may be operated from wherever through a smartphone,” he explains.

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