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Govt. launch portals for processing cash awards, welfare, pension plans for athletes and coaches

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jul 09, 2022 3:00 PM

Read Time: 3 minute

The government has launched a new web site via which athletes and other stakeholders can apply to benefit from the government's monetary prizes, welfare, and pension programmes for athletes in an effort to enhance and better the programmes.

Individual athletes and individuals who believe they qualify for the prizes can now apply directly for them under the revamped approach, bypassing the national sports federations.

Sports union minister unveiled web gateway for Department of Sports programmes

Anurag Singh Thakur, Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports, unveiled revamped cash reward, national welfare, and pension programmes for athletes on July 8. He also unveiled a web gateway for Department of Sports programmes and a website for the National Sports Development Fund.

Thakur informed that the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has brought out several important amendments to the Scheme of Cash Award to Medal Winners in International Sports Events and their coaches, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay National Welfare for Sportspersons (PDUNWFS) and Pension to Meritorious Sportsperson Scheme of Department of Sports with a vision to make these schemes more user-friendly, easy to access and transparent.

Another step towards Digital India

By empowering citizens, bridging the gap between government and the people, systems and resources, challenges and answers, and advancing the prime minister's vision of Minimum Government and Maximum Governance, the minister praised this breakthrough as another step towards a Digital India. The Minister noted that these updated programmes will increase accountability and transparency while benefiting athletes quickly.

Thakur highlighted that now, any individual sportsperson can directly apply for all three schemes as per his/her eligibility.

Reduce processing time and ensure cash award in timely manner

The minister further informed that the verification process in all three schemes has been eased to a great extent to reduce the processing time. To ensure that the coaches get their cash award in a timely manner, required changes have been made in the scheme. Pension benefits have been extended to the athletes of the Deaflympics also.

Online portal will facilitate real-time tracking of applications through OTP

According to Thakur, this online site will enable the sportspeople to follow their applications in real-time and authenticate themselves using a One Time Password (OTP) provided to their registered mobile number. The Ministry will no longer require applicants to physically submit their applications. In order to achieve the goals of the DBT Mission of the Government of India, the portal has also been integrated with DBT-MIS, which will allow money to be transferred to athletes directly into their bank accounts.

Thakur further added that the portal will not only help the Department in quick disposal of all applications in a time-bound manner but will also be used to generate different types of required reports and data management of the sportspersons. The online portal would be further upgraded from time to time to suit the requirement of the sportspersons and the prevalent scenarios.

Developed dedicated interactive website for NSDF

The Union Minister highlighted that the department has also developed a dedicated interactive website nsdf.yas.gov.in for the ‘National Sports Development Fund’ (NSDF). This Fund is based on CSR contributions from Central & State Governments, PSUs, private companies, and individuals, etc. for the promotion and development of sports in the country. Union Minister informed that individual, institution and corporate organizations can now directly contribute to players, sports facilities, and sports events through the portal.

The NSDF corpus is used for Target Olympic Podium (TOP) scheme, Infrastructure development by eminent sportspersons and sports organizations, etc. “This dedicated website will provide easy and transparent access not only to the sportspersons but also to the CSR contributors. This website will help us in making NSDF a great success for the development of sports in the country," he added.


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