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Jammu and Kashmir: Math teacher innovated an affordable luxury solar car and given Valley its 1st solar car

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jun 24, 2022 3:00 PM

Read Time: 1 minute

A Mathematics teacher and innovator from Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar have invented an affordable electric car that uses solar energy. Bilal Ahmed, a native of Tangmarg in Jammu and Kashmir, has been working on this project for more than 13 years, and he has finally reached the milestone.

Valley receives its first solar vehicle from Srinagar-based academic and engineer Bilal Ahmed. "Financial limitations made it challenging to create a car for people with disabilities. I was interested by the idea of a solar automobile because it produces free energy and gasoline prices are predicted to increase in ten years "he states.

Affordable luxury car

He said that he used to watch and study various luxurious cars which were made since 1950. Breaking the notion that only the elite can have luxurious rides, Ahmed made a solar car which does not only give a luxurious feel but is also affordable for the common people.

"I thought of something to give a luxurious feel to the people and started working on the car and modified it by watching various videos and started adding the features in it," he said.

Installed solar panels that gives efficiency on low sunlight days also

"In Kashmir, most of the time, the weather is gloomy. I used solar panels which can give higher efficiency even on low sunlight days. I went to many solar companies to check the efficiency of solar panels and worked on this solar innovative car," he added.

Car with gullwing doors like ferrari

At times, the doors of the car when parked at the place received light sunlight, to overcome this problem, he made a gullwing door which opens upwards like the ones in a Ferrari. Making and balancing the gullwing doors was a challenge as well as a difficult task for him, Ahmad said. He has driven the car on the roads and he received a good response from the passers-by.

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