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Tamil Nadu man bought car worth Rs 6 lakh with Rs 10 coins

by Rishika Choudhury

Read Time: 1 minute


• A man from Tamil Nadu bought a car with Rs 10 coins.
• Vetrivel from Arur wanted to raise awareness through this.
• He spent a month to collect Rs 6 lakh in Rs 10 coins.

A man bought a car with Rs 10 coin after got frustrated with people not accepting the coins.

Employees of a prominent vehicle dealer in Dharmapuri were taken aback when a man arrived at the showroom with a vehicle full of Rs 10 coins to purchase a car.
Vetrivel, from Arur, said his mother owns a shop and has had several instances where customers refused to accept Rs 10 coins, resulting in a large pile of those coins at his house.

Decided to raise awareness

He was also surprised to see children playing with Rs 10 coins as if they were worthless. As a result, he decided to raise awareness by purchasing a car with only Rs 10 coins.
Collected Rs 10 coin worth Rs 6 lakh in just 1 month

Vetrivel spent nearly a month collecting Rs 10 coins totaling Rs 6 lakh in order to purchase the car. Though the dealership was initially hesitant, given Vetrivel's determination, they agreed to the deal.

Banks also didn’t accepted the coins

“My mother runs a shop and the coins are at home only. No one is ready to accept the coins. Even in banks, they are not ready to accept claiming that there are not many people to count them. When the RBI has not said that the coins are worthless, why aren’t banks accepting them? Even if we complain, no action is taken”, Vetrivel stated.

Along with his relatives, Vetrivel, carried sacks of Rs 10 coins into the centre and they were all counted and, finally, the vehicle keys were handed over to him.

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