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BigHaat, an agribusiness platform, has launched an app in Tamil

by Shailee Mishra

Date & Time: May 22, 2022 8:00 PM

Read Time: 1 minute

On Thursday 19th of May, the agri-input platform BigHaat launched its Tamil-language mobile application in Coimbatore.

The plan, according to SachinNandwana, director and co-founder of BigHaat, is to reach out to 10 lakh farmers in Tamil Nadu with the app's vernacular service.

Farmers can call 1800-3000-2434, visit www.BigHaat.com, or download the app from the Google Play Store. The mobile app is currently available in English, Hindu, Telugu, and Tamil, with Kannada coming soon. So far, approximately six lakh farmers have downloaded the app from various parts of the country.

BigHaat plans to scale up and focus more on technology development after raising 100 crores in series B funding and 100 crore in debt in January. "We also provide offline services, which are available in ten clusters across the country."

In the coming year, Tamil Nadu will develop two clusters that will focus on the entire Agri value chain," he said.

Benefits of Bighaat

BigHaat allows farmers to enter crop information into the platform and receive personalized crop advice from seed to harvest, lowering cultivation costs and improving yield, productivity, and crop qualityThe app will also function as a community platform for farmers to interact.

BigHaat App was created to provide farmers with enriched data for better decision-making, allowing them to meet their crop's pre-harvest to post-harvest needs. The app delivers high-quality, timely inputs to reduce crop damage and boost yields and crop quality.

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