Tamil Nadu offers online training to farmers on modern agricultural technology

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  • Post last modified:July 19, 2022
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Through digital agriculture mode, farmers are now receiving training on advancements in agricultural technology. The nodal organisation for providing online farmer training is the Agricultural Technology Management Institution (ATMA), a state agricultural department agency.

The Dharmapuri district offers online training courses that are published on YouTube and Spotify to keep farmers up to date with new documentaries on farming methods and innovations.

Sustainable agricultural growth

Officials from the Dharmapuri district agriculture department told that the agency is aiming for sustainable agricultural growth by teaching farmers about the newest technology as well as growing practices and advice.

Farmers from all eight blocks are being trained, and ATMA has hired researchers and resource employees in the area. Through YouTube videos and live demonstrations, ATMA’s researchers and resource specialists address new technologies that are entering the farming industry.

The major goal of incorporating the show onto an internet platform is to guarantee that it reaches a larger audience. Veteran farmers, agriculture scientists, and specialists with domain expertise are among the resource individuals enlisted by the ATMA to convey information to farmers.

Content to be uploaded on YouTube or Spotify

According to an ATMA official, if farmers don’t grasp the content the first time they see it on YouTube or Spotify, they will be allowed to watch it again and again. According to ATMA resource personnel, farmers are delighted when films are released online since frequent viewing allows them to have a better grasp of the current farming practices.

Farmers praised the online training programmes, citing the challenges of physically attending seminars. The pest-eradication guidance offered by online training programmes has been very helpful to farmers.
Karuppuswamy R., a farmer from Dharmapuri district’s 6th block, told that “Previously, the agriculture department held fitness classes, but due to time restrictions, we were unable to attend them.” He stated that the pest control advice provided was valuable and that one can always view the published films on YouTube to successfully execute the tips in the farmlands.

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