Andhra Pradesh govt. to Invest in Eco-Tourism to attract tourists

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Andhra Pradesh could soon become a hub of eco-tourism. According to a recent report, the state government of Andhra Pradesh intends to develop four popular tourist destinations into major eco-tourism hubs by constructing additional infrastructure for visitors.

The existing Vanavihari eco-tourism spot in Maredumilli, which is managed by the forest department as a Community Based Eco-Tourism (CBET) spot, will be upgraded with new facilities. Vanavihari is an initiative of the Government of Andhra Pradesh’s forest department, according to their website. The Andhra Pradesh Forest Department owns it, and CBET in Maredumilli looks after it. Semi-evergreen trees grow on terrains that are part of the Eastern Ghats in Andhra Pradesh.

State’s tourism and forest department will work together

The state’s tourism and forest department will come together to work on the new projects. Speaking to the national daily, AP Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) chairman A Vijayaprasada Reddy said they are working on plans to convert Pulicat, Nelapattu, Koringa and Papikondalu as “mega ecotourism centres” to attract tourists even from overseas.

Home of the most stunning natural sights

It should be noted that Andhra Pradesh is home to some of the most beautiful natural sights, attracting tourists interested in exploring the region’s flora and fauna. Maredumilli village in the state, for example, is home to magnificent waterfalls and lush greenery.

Some of the attracting places

Jalatarangini Waterfalls, and Swarnadhara waterfalls are some of the attractions of the place. Nelapattu, located in the Tirupati district, is known for a bird sanctuary spread over nearly 1,500 acres. The region is known for the flamingo festival organised by the Andhra Pradesh government to promote tourism at the Pulicat Lake.

The report quoted an official of APTDC who revealed that the state government is planning to provide additional amenities to the tourists to make safe travel to these eco-tourism hubs.

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