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Date & Time: Jan 03, 2022 4:16 PM

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‘Padhe Bharat’ News Highlights:

  • The Padhe Bharat Campaign was launched to help students enhance their academic performance.
  • It is a key step toward improving learning levels since it fosters creativity, critical thinking, vocabulary, and the capacity to express oneself verbally and in writing.
  • It will assist children in making connections with their surroundings and real-life situations.

In the new education policy, the structure of the education department will be significantly altered. Preparations are also underway for the start of pre-primary classes at government institutions. The new education policy includes this provision. Balvatika will be the name of this class. Instead of 10+2, a provision of 5+3+3+4 will be established under the new education policy. The education department has already begun making preparations in accordance with the new regulations.

Which children will be benefited by the campaign?

The campaign will cover children in Balvatika from kindergarten to eighth grade.
How long will the campaign last?
On January 1, 2022, the Padhe Bharat campaign began. It will take place over the course of 100 days, or 14 weeks. On April 10, 2022, it will come to an end.

The campaign's goal

The programme was established with the goal of involving all stakeholders, including children, educational officials, teachers, parents, the community, and others, at both the national and state levels.

Campaign-related activities

One activity has been prepared per week for each group as part of the 100 days campaign, with the goal of making reading joyful and creating a lifelong association with the love of reading.
A complete guideline on the Reading Campaign, as well as an age-appropriate weekly calendar of events, has been produced by the Ministry. All of the recommendations were developed in collaboration with states and union territories.

The Mission of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy

The goals and vision of the "foundational Literacy and Numeracy mission" have also been integrated with the reading campaign.

With an emphasis on Indian languages

The programme would also emphasize Indian languages such as mother tongues, regional languages, and local languages. In order to achieve this goal, the campaign has been linked to "International Mother Tongue Day," which takes place on February 21. In India, the day will be commemorated with the "Kahani Padho Apni Bhasa Main" activity, which encourages youngsters to read in their native language.

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