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Efforts to improve education and access to opportunity for all

by Riya Mishra

Date & Time: Mar 18, 2023 11:00 AM

Read Time: 6 minute

The Government works for the betterment of all the existing communities within the society. One of the most important functions of the Government is to ensure educational facilities for all children from all sections of society and that no children are discriminated against and that they have access to different types of opportunities. Education is the main backbone for progress for any nation. So it becomes a huge responsibility for the administrators of a nation to provide good quality education at a low cost.

Improvement in Education and Increased Opportunities for all the Children

A few of the fields where the emphasis should be laid to ensure equal opportunity to education and to also improve education for all are mentioned below.

• Cost
Lack of finances or in short, financial crisis, is a huge barrier for many families in allowing their children to attend schools regularly. This can be solved by setting up public education systems that are supported by the method of taxation. This can be done easily by raising local taxes, or even by allocating funding from taxes so that the buildings and maintenance of public schools can be possible.

• Disability
Disability is another significant factor that prevents children from deprived sections from receiving education. There are lots of students who face different types of disabilities and are capable of learning and so, they are not presented with accessible materials for receiving education. With new advancements in technology, there are more possible ways to make education available to all those children who have disabilities. Technology, lesson plans, classroom spaces, and more must be designed for them by keeping their accessibility in mind.

• Location
Many bright students have the desire to learn but they do not have the access to the transportation system or a school. This can be reduced by implementing technology, designing lessons for their learning at home, having older or more advanced students tutor or mentor who can provide education to lower-level students in the area, providing bicycles or other safe forms of transportation to students, and so on. By connecting different communities and creating programs designed for remote learning, help can be provided to improve the access to education for all.

Some other measures that can be taken so that educational opportunities are accessible to students from all strata of society include the ones that are listed below.

• Building schools in every neighborhood
One way in which barriers can be removed in the field of education is by building schools in every neighborhood. This will ensure that children from all places do not have to travel long distances to get to the school facilities and can focus on their studies. This will also help to reduce the costs of transportation for the families.
Governments should play their part and should go a step ahead and plan for the building up of kindergarten or nursery schools that can help students to get an education at a very early age. The government can work with the local communities to identify where the schools are needed the most.

The governments may not be aware of all the problems that the students face in every neighborhood. Hence, working along with the different local communities can reduce this gap so that the governments have proper knowledge of what to do so that they can give their best to ensure equal educational access for all children.

• Providing free education
Another way to make access to education to all is by making it free. This would prevent the families from bearing the educational costs and they can invest their money in other areas such as food and clothing. Making education accessible for all will also help to increase the enrollment and attendance of students, as more children will be able to go to school in this way.

The government can also provide funding for the schools and the teachers' salaries. They can also offer subsidies to the families of the children so that they can afford to send their children to school. The government can also work towards providing free books and other materials to the children so that the families do not have to spend their money on them. Making education free to all will help to reduce disparities among different classes of society and this will also ensure that all children have access to good quality education.

• Including inclusive education
Inclusive education provides quality education to all children, despite all their abilities or disabilities. It is extremely important to know that every child is unique and they have different needs. Hence, it is again essential to construct the education system according to the needs of each child.

Inclusive education makes sure that all children have access to school. This includes children with disabilities or those who come from lower communities. The government can also work towards providing transportation and resources to the children. The government can also provide support to the families so that they can afford to send their children to school. Ensuring the provision of inclusive education will help to reduce all disparities in society and this will also ensure that all children have access to good quality education.

• Providing financial assistance
Educational assistance can be provided in the form of various programs that provide either free education until a particular time or offer different types of educational loans at a lower interest rate. This will help families to send their children to school.

The government can also provide scholarships and grants so that the families can afford to pay their tuition fees and can meet other expenses. The government can also offer loans so that families can finance their children's education. By providing financial assistance, reducing the disparities in society can be ensured so that all children have access to good quality education.

The role of the government in providing education is extremely essential in ensuring good quality education to all the citizens of the society. By taking advanced measures such as building schools in every neighborhood and providing free or subsidized education, governments can help to reduce the barriers in education and can ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn and succeed in life.


One can say that the Government can take these above-mentioned steps to improve the quality of education and to provide free access to education for all. This would ensure the smooth progress and development of a nation as education is the backbone for the progress of any nation. It becomes, therefore, an important responsibility of the government to look after the measures that aim at providing education to the deprived sections of society as well.

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