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by Sai Shruti

Date & Time: Dec 05, 2021 9:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

Some heroes are only visible on-screen, while others can be seen in real life as well. Ratan Tata is one of these heroes. Ratan Tata has always contributed to the well-being of society in addition to being the greatest business capitalist. Ratan Tata is more than an inspiration to the youth of the country. Tata Trust intends to open 19 cancer facilities across the country, including Assam.
On the occasion of Assam Divas, the state government of Assam decided to accolade the renowned industrialist Ratan Tata with the ‘Asom Bhaibav’ award. It is the highest civilian state award. He was honored for his contribution to cancer care in the state.
Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma honored Ratan Tata with the award. The Chief Minister stated that the people of Assam were grateful to him for his remarkable contribution to cancer care in the state.

Opening of 19 cancer facilities
Tata Trusts, in collaboration with the Government of Assam, decided to establish 19 cancer care centers in 2018 on Ratan Tata's proposal. Ratan Tata laid the foundation stone for it. About Rs, 2200 crore will be invested, with Tata group companies contributing half and the state government providing the other half. It was established to ensure that no Assamese citizen has to travel more than a few hours to receive proper cancer care treatments.

Agreement between Assam government and Tata
Tata Trusts signed an agreement in 2018 with the Government of Assam. During the 'Advantage Assam - Global Investment Summit-2018', Tata Trusts signed the agreement with the Government of Assam. The hospitals were to be organized in a three-tiered system as a result of the agreement-
• L1: State Level Hospitals
• L2: State-level medical colleges
• L3: District level hospitals

Renaming ‘Assam Ratna’
Assam Baibhav, Assam's Highest Civilian Award, was formerly known as ‘Assam Ratna’. The award was renamed "Assam Baibhav" this year by the Sarma-led government in September.

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