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Why are educational institutions adopting the use of digital boards in the classrooms?

by Riya Mishra

Date & Time: Jan 19, 2023 3:00 PM

Read Time: 3 minute


Due to the development of the Internet and the further developments in technology, education has become a practical and stimulating experience that would help students to learn in a new way, the way that the world follows. Today's education has become modernized and there is no place for the traditional method of learning that is confined to textbooks, lecture halls, and the study board. It has merged with technology, creative teaching methods, and digital information that has helped to boost the engagement of the students and this has helped the students to find a new way to learn about different things. Learner-centric education is the recent characteristic of today's education system and this is becoming even more prevalent in education in the twenty-first century as new opportunities for teaching and learning are coming up that can meet the demands of schools and the students. In addition to these, educational institutions have been putting more emphasis and stress on the combined learning process due to the development of technological innovation. This blended learning incorporates both instructor-led and computer-led learning procedures that would enable the learning to be more efficient and effective for the students.

What is a Digital Board?

Contrary to the traditional methods of learning, digital boards have been embracing the educational development of students by bringing out new and better learning processes. By incorporating the most developed technology, it includes an interactive display and these digital teaching devices are composed of visualizers and multimedia controllers for better visuality and control of the equipment.

It provides unlimited access to better quality education by availing the accessibility of different types of web resources, thus, providing a platform for experienced learning, smarter learning methods, live annotations, and an interactive classroom suite for effective writing assistance. Also, the new essential of present-time education is broadening the teaching and learning practices that combined learning can achieve with the help of Digital Boards.

Revolution in the Schooling Methods

There has been continuous development in technology in the last two decades. This has made a primary concern to the maintenance of appropriate quality standards across the nation. Technology-enabled learning is the best strategy for learning that helps in establishing a welcoming, student-friendly, and excellent learning environment and schools are making efforts to introduce digital learning into the classroom curriculum. However, the government has also introduced the "Operation 
Digital Board'' program to promote technology-enabled education in 2019. This initiative enables the schools to opt for Digital Boards over traditional classroom boards. This creates an accessible and impartial learning environment.

The Need for Digital Boards

The use of digital boards helps to encourage the children to a more personalized method of learning that helps to develop their creativity. In addition to these, the digital interactive board offers the children audio-visual content from the internet and keeps them interested throughout the learning process by keeping on enhancing their attentiveness in various activities throughout the school curriculum. Digital boards have enabled personalized learning, thereby, creating an engaging and more active learning environment with quality lessons. Additionally, the use of sophisticated measurements and equipment gives the teachers a detailed study of the progress of every student.

Knocky Outline Extrabold

The world has changed a lot in the last twenty years, especially in the industry involving education. With the rise in remote learning and digital practices, the methods of education of the class have been changed and this ensures the accessibility, excellence, and better adaptability of technology that is embraced all over throughout the educational places. The digital boards for modern classrooms provide blended or combined learning which is the solution to the problems that are already prevailing in India's education system. Along with the increased use of technology in the education industry, there exists a need to use some changes and overcome the technical issues that are faced by teachers. The use of digital boards in classroom programs has helped to modernize the education system by providing children with a more student-friendly and interactive classroom environment.

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