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by P Sai Shruti

Date & Time: Oct 31, 2021 9:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

Innovation at its best! A man from UP, Ramveer Singh converted his 3-storey house into a green building with his innovation. Ramveer has planted more than 10,000 plants with a hydroponic system. This technique helps him earn 70 lakhs annually. Ramveer got to learn hydroponic farming from Dubai. A few years ago, when he visited Dubai he was shocked to see the farming without land. After returning from Dubai, he tried it in his own house and thereafter started spreading the technique.

Tried his hands-on hydroponic system
Ramveer Singh comes from a farming family. They live in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. He spent a long time in education before moving on to the media. He then returned to the village and began farming. He began by experimenting with organic farming, and after being successful, he began growing vegetables using a hydroponic system. After this, he completely transformed his three-story home into a hydroponic system.

What is hydroponic farming?
Hydroponic farming is a method of farming that does not require the use of land. Planting is done in a pipe or stands instead. Following that, such arrangements are made so that the necessary things for the plant's development can be provided via water medium. In most cases, a natural fiber made from cocopeat (coconut waste) is used in place of soil.

Importance of organic farming
Ramveer says that in the year 2009, his friend's uncle got cancer. He didn't use any kind of intoxicant. Still cancer, it was a bit surprising. When he showed the doctor, he came to know that he got this disease due to the chemical found in fruits and vegetables. After this, he realized that we all are becoming victims of chemicals unknowingly or unknowingly. If we want to save ourselves and our people, then we have to do farming ourselves, and that too in an organic way. After this, he started practicing organic farming.

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