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Date & Time: Oct 10, 2021 9:00 AM

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“When there is a will, there is a way”. A teacher from Kankari village successfully justifies the statement. Kankari village is a displaced village of Bori Sanctuary in the district. The headmaster here changed the face of the village with his efforts. This Kankari village of Babai Tehsil is ameliorated with the help of villagers and women. The village has been now become a model village for the residents.

Cleanliness is Supermacy

The village is now become the epitome of a clean and ideal village. Throwing garbage is also strictly prohibited in the village. If anyone is found throwing garbage, they have to pay a compensation of Rs. 11 to the village committee. The entire village has become an example of cleanliness in no time. Tribals have also been linked here with self-employment and farming.

History of Kankari village

Kankari village was shifted from Bori Sanctuary area to the forests of Bagra Tawa in 2015. There are around 34 families residing here. Dirt garbage is not seen anywhere in this village. The main reason for this is the tireless hard work and efforts of the local teacher of the village, Arjun Nare. Here, fruit-bearing shady tree saplings have been planted in front of the houses.

Alcohol-Free village

The village has been alcohol-free for many years with the efforts of teacher Arjun Narre. Alcohol is not permitted in this area. There isn’t any quarrel among the residents. Everything works in harmony. Tribal families are also supporting the teacher's positive outlook and sweet demeanour.

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